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Apply now!

Scholarships for COSA Licensure candidates

We know that working toward an administrative license or advanced degree is a big investment of time, energy and financial resources. We are here to help. Candidates enrolled in one of our degree programs are eligible for financial aid through University of Oregon. For other opportunities, see below.


Oregon Administrator Scholars Program
Highlights: Principal or ProAL • diverse candidates • up to $10,000 total •

The Oregon Administrator Scholars Program is offering scholarships of up to $10,000 for racially or linguistically diverse administrator candidates accepted and enrolled in a TSPC-approved administrator program, such as the COSA-UO Principal or Professional Administrator programs. The scholarships may be used to pay for classes, fees and related costs. Prior scholarship recipients are eligible to apply, as long as their total scholarship amount does not exceed $20,000. For more information, visit the TSPC scholarship page.