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Program Coordinator - Migrant Education (Bilingual)

Willamette Education Service District

Willamette Education Service District is accepting applications for a full-time (40 hours per week) Program Coordinator - Migrant Education position; bilingual Spanish required. A successful candidate will work as a member of the School Improvement Services department and will follow a 240-day calendar. This position will be based at the Willamette ESD Marion Center in Salem, OR, and will begin August 16, 2021.


SALARY: $97,294 - $116,382

- Develop and manage program budgets.
- Serve as Migrant liaison for all partner counties.
- Work with school districts to develop supplemental instructional and support programs for migrant students in accordance with Title 1 C guidelines.
- Oversee student records and provide oversight for student records software program.
- Advise staff members on problems relating to policy, program and administration.
- Oversee the hiring, training and supervision of all Migrant program staff.
- Grant writing and implementation.
- Oversee data collection regarding student services and achievements.
- Maintain program records and prepare federal, state and local reports.
- Facilitate the local Parent Advisory Committees (PAC) in coordination with staff.
- Coordinate programs with participating local districts and other migrant education programs.
- Ensure compliance with federal, state and local mandates and guidelines.
- Conduct or attend meetings and trainings as appropriate to the program.
- Represent the WESD and the migrant education program at local, state and federal levels.
- Cooperate and collaborate with business, civic and other organizations to provide services and support for program activities and student needs.
- Provide leadership and direction for the migrant preschool program
- Provide leadership and direction for migrant and district summer schools
- Perform other reasonable duties that from time to time may be assigned to meet the usual and unusual demands placed on the organization.
- Comply with WESD Performance Standards.
- Ability to prioritize efforts and direct focus to issues most critical while maintaining momentum and remaining optimistic and positive with team members.
- Persistent, even in adversity; open to change and new information; able to adapt behavior and work methods in response to new information, changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles.
- Model effective integration of experiences, errors, and discoveries to drive organizational improvement.
- Recognize and be open about own strengths and weaknesses; pursue self-development both through informal opportunities and formal study; regularly seek and act on feedback from others and opportunities to master new knowledge.
- Willingness to take risks and fail as well as succeed; to discuss the failures in ways that are not offensive and to discuss the successes in ways that are inclusive of everyone involved.
- Accomplishes other related tasks as assigned by the Executive Director of School Improvement Services and/or the Superintendent.

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