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Behavior Intervention Teacher (Temporary)

Willamette Education Service District

Willamette Education Service District is accepting applications for a temporary, full-time (40 hours per week) Behavior Intervention Teacher position. A successful candidate will follow a 190-day calendar, and work as a member of the Special Education Department at the Willamette ESD Yamhill Center in McMinnville, OR. This temporary position will begin October 4, 2021, and will end on December 17, 2021.

Hourly Pay: $27.69 - $53.47


1. Follows all current state and federal laws pertaining to public school teachers, especially as they relate to Alternative Teachers.
2. Follows all policies and procedures of Special Education.
3. Plans, organizes, and facilitates appropriate meetings related to the provision of an appropriate
education for assigned students.
4. Plans and coordinates appropriate services for students with various agency service providers.
5. Develops expectations and goals appropriate for identified needs for students.
6. Designs a process and identifies and organizes resources for achieving expectations.
7. Maintains accurate and regular data on student in areas of attendance, grades and IEP
progress, if applicable.
8. Creates testing materials.
9. Schedules, attends and facilitates Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings.
10. Keeps track of possible safety/security issues.
11. Supports development of IEP for each student on such a plan.
12. Inventories supplies and teaching materials and order supplies when necessary.
13. Organizes various student activities.
14. Completes all required IDEA paperwork, develops FBS/BIP’s in line with CPS and creates
Plan B plans.
15. Uses DSM IV diagnostic categories to develop educationally appropriate plans.
16. Uses and/or has knowledge of Medicaid procedures for billing purposes.
17. Establishes a safe and secure learning environment that is responsive to assigned students’
18. Designs and implements appropriate instruction in accordance with children and students’
graduation plan, IEP and state standards.
19. Carries out plans and uses strategies and resources, adapting as necessary to achieve
desired goals.
20. Supervises students in the classroom at all times.
21. Supervises students during transition times and any outdoor activities.
22. Follows all state and federal laws and the Oregon Administrative Rules pertaining to public
school teacher.
23. Writes and implement lesson plans.
24. Teaches curriculum to students.
25. Maintains classroom discipline.
26. Disciplines students in accordance with Special Programs policy/philosophy.
27. Corrects and grades student work.

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