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Physical Therapist

Willamette Education Service District

Willamette Education Service District is accepting applications for a full-time (40 hours per week) Physical Therapist position. Successful candidate will work as a member of the Special Education Department's Regional/K-12 Program, and will follow a 190-day calendar. This position will be based at the Willamette ESD Marion Center in Salem, OR and will begin on August 27, 2021.


Salary: $48,562 - $81,269

1. Effectively plans distribution of equipment and materials.
2. Provides assistance and/or recommendations to families and school districts regarding
selection, ordering, and funding of appropriate equipment and materials.
3. Determines schedules for services based on student needs and caseload constraints.
4. Displays knowledge of normal developmental sequences and learning patters in the areas of
sensory, motor, psychosocial and cognitive development.
5. Plans, prioritizes and organizes assignments and projects with a minimum of supervision.
6. Develops and implements motor and sensory activities, accommodations and modifications
that support IFSP/IEP goals and promotes student learning.
7. Facilitates appropriate referral processes.
8. Selects, acquires, manages, designs and/or constructs adaptive devices, equipment or other
assistive technology to enhance independence in the educational setting.
9. Completes Medicaid forms, as necessary.
10. Writes necessary assessment summaries and recommendations in a clear, informative and
timely manner.
11. Writes goals which are appropriate and measurable, reflecting students' functional needs,
preference and expected outcomes.
12. Assesses the educational environment within the limits imposed by the student’s disability, and
work as a member of the multidisciplinary team to develop and provide an appropriate
educational program for each assigned student.
13. Participates collaboratively on a team to develop an integrated IFSP/IEP team.
14. Participates collaboratively on IFSP/IEP teams and determines eligibility.
15. Communicates clearly and effectively in a variety of situations, including difficult ones, with
agency staff, district staff and the public.
16. Provides information and in-service training.
17. Identifies professional strengths and limitations and sets and meets performance goals.
18. Creates a positive work environment by:
a. Tolerating others' points of view
b. Soliciting input from others
c. Resolving conflict at the lowest level possible
d. Responding effectively to crisis situations
19. Follows Willamette ESD procedures, especially as outlined in the Staff Handbook, and assists
support staff to do the same.
20. Adheres to professional ethics as identified by agency, professional organizations and
licensing commissions.
Supervises fieldwork students and licensed assistants as assigned.
22. Provides supervisors with suggestions to deliver evaluation and therapy services when there
are limited resources.
23. Maintain a regular weekly or monthly schedule that meets the service needs of assigned
caseload. Informs supervisor and program secretary of schedule and other ways to maintain
contact during working hours.
24. Provide training to educational staff and families in such areas as positioning, handling, gross
motor skill development, and self-help skills.

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