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Interim Principal - Butte Falls School District (Job ID 1229)

Butte Falls School District
Closing date: 
Saturday, November 20, 2021

Interim Principal
Butte Falls School District

Join the Butte Falls family and experience amazing employment rewards!

Annual salary range: $79,000 to $84,000 based on recent experience (salary will be prorated)
Licensed certified administrator for both Elementary and High School

Butte Falls School District is seeking an outstanding visionary leader to serve as the Interim Butte Falls Charter School principal. The successful candidate must have a sound philosophy, background, and vision grounded in education and must be committed to service to a diverse community including children from poverty, special education students and English Learners. The candidate must have demonstrated leadership capacity to guide school's unique curriculum, assessment, teaching, learning, professional development, and student achievement, student discipline as well as an expressed willingness and plan to be accessible to staff, community, and students.

Butte Falls SD serves 230 students in grades K-12. The district is in a beautiful rural area that has one elementary school (grades K-7) and one middle/high school (grades 8-12).

Butte Falls SD is similar to other public schools in that the basics are well covered. Reading, writing, and math are deeply ingrained in the curriculum. There is an emphasis on natural resources in all grades. We're located in a mountain forest next to a crystal clear stream. The outdoors is also our classroom!

Butte Falls Charter School has other charter school qualities that set it apart from a typical public school. Because of its small size, teachers are able to give each student individualized attention and customize school work according. There is a teacher to student ratio of 1 to 16.

The district is well connected with the community, and utilizes local businesses and other organizations to help provide resources to the school. The students also volunteer in the community and do public service work. For more information about the district visit -

Valid Oregon Administrator’s license for principal.
Provides visionary, innovative leadership.
Successful teaching experience in multiple levels.
Has a collaborative leadership style and works with the board, staff, students and community. Demonstrates strong decision making and problem solving skills.
Supportive of multiple alternative educational programs.
Demonstrates creativity; encourages others to be innovative.
Committed to the success of all students and willing to continue development of programs to ensure success.
Current curriculum and instructional background; knowledge of and ability to promote effective educational improvement and instructional practices in all areas.
Ability to handle consistent change in education.
Demonstrates strong communication skills & communicates effectively with the community, staff, and students.
Is approachable, accessible and listens to all parties with an open mind.
Demonstrates strong personal and professional honesty, integrity, and fairness.
Approaches challenges with confidence.

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Background Check Conducted
Butte Falls SD policy provides veterans and disable veterans with preference as required by law.