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Instructional Math Coach

Baker School District 5J

The Instructional Coach is a teacher who has both content and instructional expertise particularly in reading, writing, and/or math. The Instructional Coach will assist instructional staff by providing direct support and assistance in the classroom in the use of effective instructional strategies, use of district, state, interim and summative data to improve student achievement, and align curriculum and instruction to state and district-identified standards. Coaches will provide professional development that would include, but not be limited to, in-class coaching, observing, modeling of instructional strategies, guiding instructional staff in assessing student work, developing instructional plans with teams of teachers, educational assistants or as individuals, and helping PLCs understand and use data. The Instructional Coach focuses on enhancing a teacher’s ability to provide instruction that (1) builds student understanding and skills, (2) is academically rigorous, (3) addresses the curriculum standards and frameworks, and (4) enhances student sense of engagement in and ownership of learning. The Instructional Coach, together with administrators and teachers, look at data and designs standards-based, high-quality instruction. The Instructional Coach will assist the district leadership team to align district and building goals and to evaluate student data in support of effective school and district improvement planning. The Instructional Coach works collaboratively with instructional leaders to design and deliver professional development as directed. As a member of a professional coaching community, the Instructional Coach participates in professional development and inquiry to improve his or her own instructional leadership practice.

About the community: Baker City can easily be described as one of Oregon's most beautiful communities. Nestled in a lush valley with the rugged Elkhorn Mountains as a backdrop, Baker City proudly cherishes and displays its rich architectural history. It is also a place where children are a very high priority and where the schools are central to community life. Not only are parents and community members supportive of their schools, they offer a myriad of opportunities and facilities for young people outside of the education setting. Located along I-84, Baker City offers the qualities of small town life while still being easily-accessible to larger communities. As a population center for the region, many basic services are readily available. It is an area which offers abundant outdoor recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, boating, and skiing. Some of Oregon's most dramatic rivers and mountains are literally on the out-skirts of town. With 1700 students and approximately 240 employees, Baker School District's staff is committed to a strong program of professional growth and a continual search for more effective instructional strategies.