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Program Administrator - Special Education

South Coast ESD

Position: Program Administrator
Department / Program: Special Education
Supervised by: Superintendent
Supervises: Teachers, Instructional Assistants, Educational Specialists


Program administrator will assist with the development and implementation of ESD Education Programs as assigned.

• Implement the district mission/vision by carrying out program functions and components.
• Design and implements high quality programs utilizing data, logic models, and strategies aimed at ensuring that all children in program are meeting all developmental milestones.
• Ensure the operation of high quality programming that is aimed at supporting strong students, strong families, and a strong community.
• Attract, retain, and support high performing teachers.
• Work collaboratively with and receive coaching from the Superintendent/designee.
• Provide professional learning to provide quality instructional support to teachers.
• Implement high quality curriculum.
• Develop and implement a program to work effectively with parents of program participants with stakeholders input.
• Ensure the maintenance of a safe, clean, and workable space for teachers, students, and families
• Maximize student enrollment in programs.
• Measure, assess and report program outcomes.
• Ensure program compliance with all applicable codes, regulations, and best practices.
• Operate a program that meets the standards of the Office of the State Superintendent for Education, grant requirements and/ or component district agreements.
• Train, supervise and manage staff, consultants, contractors, volunteers, and others performing functions in the program. This includes timely completion of performance evaluations and professional development plans for all teaching staff.
• Foster organization-wide culture of outcomes-based practice to spur progress and effectiveness of the program.
• Foster organization-wide “culture of growth” and contribute to South Coast ESD capacity and efforts around organizational learning and knowledge management.
• Maintain relationships with external partners, including other non-profits, schools, funders and other supporters.
• Collaborate with other departments to identify and develop program services.
• Experience serving students with disabilities.
• Abilities in organization and management.
• Ability to work with staff, students and the public in an effective manner and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees.
• Holds a valid driver’s license, automobile insurance and provides own transportation.
• Respects confidential information.
• Other qualifications deemed necessary by the Superintendent.
• Master's degree in appropriate field.
• Oregon Administration License or the ability to obtain an Oregon Administration License.

The employee may work beyond an eight-hour day or a five-day work week attending meetings, conferences, and school activities. The employee needs to be competent in conflict resolution. The employee must be able to communicate effectively in confrontational and emotional situations involving staff, students, parents and patrons. Confidentiality is a top priority for the persons in this position.

The employee at times works under varied workloads and inflexible deadlines. Problems may arise which require immediate attention setting up conflicting priorities. Sound judgment is required to effectively prioritize these demands.

The employee must be able to lift materials, boxes or equipment weighing up to 30 pounds. The employee may need to participate with others in lifting/moving equipment weighing up to 40 pounds. The employee needs to be able to participate with one other employee in lifting students weighing up to 120 pounds, if the student’s protocol permits. All lifting and transferring of students should be done in accordance with approved protocols

The employee may come into contact with biohazards such as human waste, saliva, and blood and should take appropriate protective precautions.


Terms of Employment: 245 days -- 1.0 FTE
Rate: Negotiable
Holidays – 10 days
Vacation – 7 days
Location: District Office
Closing Date: open until filled

All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate an individual with a disability or disabilities.