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2019-2020 Director of Student Services

Canby School District

Provides leadership, supervision, and direction for the District’s special education and special services programs. Serves under the broad guidance and administrative supervision of the Superintendent. Is held responsible for results in terms of effectiveness of planning, policies, and programs, and for achievement of district goals and objectives. Work is guided by, and must be in compliance with, federal and state law, policy direction of the School Board, and compliance with state and local regulatory agencies.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
Program Leadership, as the administrator responsible for special services programs, provides leadership to all assigned programs and functions.
Stays abreast of research on the changing nature of the profession, the field of public education and changing national, regional and local trends that may impact program areas.
Effectively evaluates program needs to move toward a more inclusive approach to meeting the needs of special education students.
Participates in discussions on evolving demands and expectations and the impact those demands and expectations will have on assigned programs.
Uses forecasting tools and strategies to predict future needs. Anticipates and develops strategies and programs that respond effectively to anticipated needs and the changing profession.
Participates in school improvement planning in terms of students with special needs and services.
Provides regular oversight over all special education programs, nursing and counseling services to assure compliance and effectiveness.
Represents the District in meetings with external parties and agencies.
Participates in preparing, presenting, and defending the District position in hearings and litigation.
Maintains coordination with other administrators. Ensures proactive and frequent communication between relevant stakeholders, including parents, Special Education licensed staff, Special Education administrators and relevant local agencies.
Advises the Superintendent and Board on the financial implications of special services/education programs. Develops and defends budgets and administers programs within approved budget parameters including allocation of staff (FTE) resources. Oversees special services financial resources.
Maintains records and documents necessary to support state and federal funding requests including.
Oversees organizational management in all assigned areas. Assures that positions are effectively allocated and staffed to assure fulfillment of student and program needs and to comply with regulatory and statutory requirements. Approves position and establishes operating practices essential to the development and delivering of quality programs and services.
Recruits and assigns staff ensuring that they possess and practice the skills, abilities, and values necessary to achieve the level of program delivery that is essential to a highly effective program and compliance with IDEA requirements.
Engages and coordinates legal responses to Special Education questions, complaints, and related issues. Assesses, evaluates, and provides for training and professional development of subordinate staff.
Creates communication, collaboration and coordination processes that assure all staff are timely and effectively informed of policies, issues, and program and operational guidance.
Establishes an environment in which all staff members are comfortable and forthcoming in sharing their ideas, needs and concerns, and in which the staff collaboratively works together to seek solutions and resolutions.
Establishes a system of data collection and analysis that provides for continuous assessment of program effectiveness and/or changing needs. At least annually, conducts a comprehensive assessment review of all programs to determine their level of effectiveness and contribution to the mission of the department and to identify problem areas, areas of high success, and areas in needs of change.
Prepares structured presentations to the Superintendent and the Board of Directors to share the program evaluation results.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
Successful experience in working with culturally diverse families and communities, and/or have otherwise demonstrated a commitment to equity and strengthening engagement of a diverse community and skill in communicating with a diverse population.
Possess or ability to obtain Oregon administrative license.
Master’s degree in special education, educational administration or related field.
Minimum of three (3) years of progressively responsible and highly successful special education leadership experience.
Strong knowledge of special education programs, curriculum, assessment, instructional practices, and intervention strategies. Experience providing services under and training in the IDEA, Section 504 and the ADA.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bilingual and/or bicultural
Relevant K-12 school administrative experience or K-12 educational programadministrative experience.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Strong current knowledge of K-12 education curriculum, assessment, and programevaluation techniques.
Knowledge of culturally responsive methods and procedures for use in classroom instruction.
Knowledge of current effective K-12 core instructional practices, including interventionand support
Ability to continually evaluate the effectiveness of Special Education services in District schools and special programs.
Strong understanding and history of successful conflict management and mediation. Ability to handle complaints, settle disputes, and resolve conflicts, or otherwise negotiate with others.
Effective oral and written communications; strong analytical ability, and the ability to prepare efficient and effective studies and reports.
Ability to work both independently and cooperatively. Demonstrated ability to handle multiple projects concurrently.
Ability to organize work, set priorities, and meet deadlines.
Demonstrated supervisory ability in observing, evaluating, and developing teachers and support staff.
Skill in staff professional development assessment, strategies and
Skill in developing and maintaining relationships with a diverse
Effective oral and written communications; strong analytical ability, and the ability to prepare efficient and effective studies and
Ability to work both independently and cooperatively with all staff, students and stakeholders.
This position is to start July 1,2019, 235 days/year. Salary listed below is based off of the 2018-19 salary schedule. In addition to salary, district pays the employee's 6% contribution to PERS. This position is open until filled.

Canby School District is an equal opportunity employer and educator. It is the policy of the Canby School District Board of Education and School District that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, national origin, age or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment. Persons having questions about equal opportunity and nondiscrimination should contact the Human Resources Office at the Canby School District Office, 503-266-7861.
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