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2019-2020 Athletic Director/Associate Principal

Canby High School, Canby School District

The Athletic Director/Associate Principal will be responsible for planning, scheduling, coordinating, and supervising all athletics events involving Canby High School. The Athletic Director reports to the principal and is responsible for the quality, effectiveness, and the smooth and efficient operation of all high school athletic programs. The work is guided by the district’s philosophy focused on all students gaining positive experiences through athletics. The Athletic Director is responsible for compliance with the state regulating agency, operational direction of District leadership, policy direction of the School Board, and compliance with state and local regulatory agencies. Provide administrative leadership for curriculum, instruction, staff development, school improvement and student management. Support the Principal in establishing and implementing the districts Academic Vision and a focused plan for improving student achievement while narrowing the disparities between the highest and lowest performing students; support professional educators in strengthening their instructional practices; foster a culture of high expectation, providing every student with equitable access to high quality and culturally relevant instruction; build strong partnerships with families and community; create a safe, welcoming environment that reflects and supports the diversity of the student population and communities served.
Major Duties and Responsibilities: Performs the following full range of duties with limited guidance and supervision to include, but not limited to:
Scheduling all school athletic events within the restrictions of the school calendar and the length of each sports season and post-season schedule. Coordinating with the coaching staff, employees, and parent groups and with transportation to assure proper scheduling of buses and supervision of trips. Coordinating with District and school and District staff to assure proper scheduling of athletic venues and to avoid conflicts in scheduling. Works closely with the activities director to coordinate clubs and other student activities.
Applying a clear understanding of state rules pertaining to athletics in the performance of athletic director duties. Having a clear understanding of the District athletic philosophy and an understanding of the structure of the sports calendar. Maintaining and updating standard operating procedures for each school sport.
Responsible for communicating the district’s athletic vision and creating collaborative relationships with students, parents, youth groups, the community, district partners and other stakeholders to ensure a strong, vibrant athletic program that is highly valued.

Supervise and coordinate extra-curricular activities programs.Guide and coordinate with assigned activities director to ensure all student activities are appropriately planned, implemented, and supervised. Provide direction as needed to club advisors and staff supervisors. Ensure all activities follow school and district policies governing activities.
Participate in the development and evaluation of educational programs; encourage and support implementation of instructional and specialized programs, assisting educators and others to pilot such efforts when appropriate; promote the use of technology in teaching and learning process.
Use data to assess student progress, formulate instructional practices and to differentiate instruction; focus on narrowing disparities between the highest and lowest performing students in order to meet the academic needs of individual students.
Assist with development of school improvement plans with staff, parents, community members and other stakeholders; develop, support the maintenance and use of information systems to track progress on school performance objectives and academic excellence indicators.
Regularly observe classroom instruction and record observations; recommend improvements for employee performance. Ensure equitable access to curriculum standards, programs, and materials regardless of race or achievement levels.
Actively engage and advocate for historically underrepresented families, including those whose first language may not be English, as essential partners in their student’s education, school planning and decision-making.
Contribute to a shared leadership team which reflects diverse perspectives. Develop and mentor teachers and teacher leaders. Participate in support of instruction by providing professional development to strengthen employees’ knowledge and skills for eliminating disparities in achievement; monitor student progress, and use assessment and accountability tools to support equitable outcomes.
Promote a positive, safe and caring climate for learning; deal sensitively and fairly with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds; communicate effectively with students, staff and parents.
Attend athletic conference meetings and provide appropriate conference information and rules implementations as determined by OSAA and athletic conference.
Attending all school coaches’ meetings to distribute and explain schedules for each sports season and to distribute the SOP’s for the sports held in the upcoming season. Communicating with all school assistant principals, activity coordinators and ASB staff on a regular basis throughout the school year to assure schedules and plans are updated, communicated, and understood. Communicating and coordinating with internal and external staff and stakeholders.
Providing outstanding customer service in communication with public, in person and via phone and email. Supporting coaches in creating a positive climate for students, players and community.
Creating and maintaining positive, collaborative relationships with District maintenance, grounds and scheduling departments. Oversees high school facility operations and supervises school maintenance and custodial personnel to ensure proper support of all high school activities and events.
Maintaining positive contacts with neighboring school district athletic administrators for collaboration on filling schedule needs.
Recruitment, supervising and evaluating coaches and other assigned staff.. Works closely with Human Resources Department to follow district hiring guidelines and requirements.
Developing and administering the athletic program budget ensuring that expenditures are within the approved funding level and that all expenditures are properly documented and processed. Planning for and processing necessary documentation for the purchase of athletic equipment and supplies.
Ensuring all coaches have met all relevant OSAA, employment and other requirements prior to beginning coaching responsibilities.
Managing special projects and performs other duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications:
A State of Oregon issued Administrative License is required at the time of appointment.
A minimum of three (3) years as a licensed school professional.
Successful coaching experience in an educational environment with a student-centered education philosophy.
Valid state driver’s license.
Preferred Qualifications:
Successful Athletic Director experience in a 9-12 school leadership position with demonstrated results in improving academic performance.
Experience working in a diverse school community and environment
Bilingual and/or bicultural
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Successful experience in working with culturally diverse families and communities, and/or have otherwise demonstrated a commitment to equity and strengthening engagement of a diverse community and skill in communicating with a diverse population.
Strong understanding of “client-centered” support and the ability to establish effective working relationships at all levels of the organization.
High level of knowledge and skill in sport safety to assure prevention of injury and protection of students.
K-12 Education public schools’ laws, policies and guidelines related to administration, curriculum and leadership.
Research-based instructional strategies and models for improving instructional practices for all students.
Demonstrated success in ability to plan, implement, and monitor policies and procedures in areas of assigned responsibility.
Ability to work both independently and cooperatively, exercise independent judgment and creativity, organize work, manage, prioritize and complete multiple complex projects with tight deadlines.
Ability to remain calm, deliberate, and tactful in stressful and emotional situations. A reputation of respectful, productive relationships with others, both professionally and personally.
Strong oral and written communication skills.
Demonstrated skill at conflict resolution.
To begin July 1, 2019, 225 days/year. Salary listed is based off of the 2018-2019 salary schedule. In addition to salary, district pays the employee's 6% contribution to PERS.

Canby School District is an equal opportunity employer and educator. It is the policy of the Canby School District Board of Education and School District that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, national origin, age or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment. Persons having questions about equal opportunity and nondiscrimination should contact the Human Resources Office at the Canby School District Office, 503-266-7861.
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