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Executive Assistant, Recovery High School

Harmony Academy Recovery High School

Harmony Academy is a tuition-free, grades 9-12 public charter school serving the local students of the Portland metropolitan area. Harmony Academy is Oregon’s first high school exclusively for students living in recovery from a substance use disorder. The Executive Assistant at Harmony Academy will collaborate with the Founding Principal to create a culture and community where students simultaneously experience high levels of individual academic growth and personal recovery from substance use disorders. The Executive Assistant supports the smooth operation of the recovery high school program, including record keeping, day-to-day operations, resource-management, special projects, and school-community relations. The executive assistant helps support and encourage students and staff, working closely with the principal to realize the mission of the school. Harmony Academy’s mission is to provide a safe, sober, supportive gold-standard education for youth in recovery, where students develop the skills and strengths needed for personal, academic, vocational and community success.

Harmony Academy, under the governance of the Oregon Recovery High School Initiative, will provide a high-quality educational experience while supporting the recovery of students as they work towards a sober vision for themselves and their future. It is a school where students decide to enroll, attend by choice and actively participate in their recovery and education. While the objectives of academic competency and progress towards high school graduation are a primary focus, there is an equal commitment to a comprehensive recovery program that includes an individualized contract with the youth, commitment to the principles of twelve-step recovery, linkage to other behavioral health services, family support, comprehensive case management, and resource coordination with the youth’s and/or family’s chosen healthcare provider, supporting the adolescent’s and the family’s recovery from addiction.

Minimum Requirements:

· A minimum of three years of successful service in a similar role in a public service organization or non-profit
· Excellent communication, organizational, project management and problem-solving skills

Application Requirements

Letter of Interest
Completed Application Form
Current Resume
Letter(s) of Recommendation
List of three-five (3-5) additional references
Statement about why you want to work at a recovery high school (max. 2 pages)

How to Apply

Submit all application materials electronically by e-mail attachment in Word or PDF format to:

For more information, visit: