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University Credit

-A Benefit to COSA Members–

Administrators pursuing the Continuing Administrator License (CAL) who attend COSA conferences throughout the year may earn four graduate credits (ELP 506) for use as electives toward the  Portland State University CAL Program  in the  Graduate School of Education . The tuition is $320 for 4 credits.


Participants need to attend three COSA conferences or an equivalent of 30 hrs of training between June 2016 and May 2017 and complete a 30 hr practicum.  Credit will be graded and awarded Spring term of 2017.  For assignment and registration details please view the following site:

Register online

On the PSU Leadership Academy Website above, click the "registration Info" link on the left side of the page.  This will direct you to create or access a PSU student id account.  This is where you will be billed for the credit costs associated with this course.


Julie Wolleck, Program Manager,  PSU Cooperative Credit Program

Colin Cameron, Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Suzanne Strite, Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Kris Olsen, Confederation of Oregon School Administrators