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August 7–9, 2019

2019 Summer Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Team Institute

"Engaging, Inspiring, and Planning" 

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Plan to join colleagues from around the state at this year’s 2019 Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Team Institute , August 7-9, 2019 in Eugene.  Plan to engage in a variety of professional learning formats, including mini session, small-group discussions, team workshops, and innovative practice learnings.  This event is the perfect opportunity to assemble your team and begin the learning and planning process in anticipation of the 2019-21 biennium.   Attendees will have an opportunity to hear the latest updates following the legislative session, as well as engage in dozens of provocative topics presented by colleagues from around our state.  Don’t miss out on one of COSA’s most important anchor conferences in partnership with the Oregon Department of Education.  See you in Eugene.

Featured Speakers:

  • Ellin Oliver Keene, Author, Educator; Senior Advisor, Heinemann - bio
  • Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Associate Professor, San Francisco State University - bio
      • Equality or Equity: Which One Will We Feed?  An Interactive Dialog with Jeff Duncan-Andrade

  • Colt Gill, Superintendent, Oregon Department of Education - bio
  • Morgan Allen, Deputy Director of Policy & Advocacy, COSA - bio


Featured Pre-Conference Offerings

  • Educational Excellence Workshop - Stop Talking the Talk – Walk the Walk! How Teacher Teams Help Kids Succeed - This active workshop delves deep into a process that helps educators at all levels better understand how to move toward guaranteed and viable curriculum via the Common Core State Standards and how to measure student learning by creating and using meaningful classroom assessments.  During this guided practice session, participants will utilize a structured Data Team process and a set of actual student work to plan and differentiate instruction. We will utilize key tools of the trade that support reflective practices and provide tips for implementation.  Bring your teams! Districts should come with directors, principals, lead teachers, team facilitators and new staff.  This session is highly recommended for: Staff struggling to gain efficiency in executing the steps of the data team process; New staff and administrators; Districts that need training without the hefty price tag; School board and community members who want to understand proper use of assessment data.
    • Missi Thurman, Consultant, Educational Excellence - Bio
    • Ali Hurd, Consultant, Educational Excellence - Bio
    • Meagan Kimball, Consultant, Educational Excellence - Bio
    • Andrea Sande, Consultant, Educational Excellence - Bio
  • 21st Century After-School Grant Recipients
  • Ellin Oliver Keene Workshop - Understanding what is essential in K-12 literacy content and best practices instruction to enhance that Content (CCSS)
  • District Test Coordinator Pre-ConferenceWhile the ODE DTC training provides the policies and process around giving assessments, it doesn't really encompass everything about the job.  There's a lot that's not said about preparing for testing, what to do with unusual circumstances during testing, and managing the data flows after testing.  Members of the Region One Assessment Consortium, which is comprised of districts from Newport to Hood River and everywhere in between, have decades of experience with the state testing system and with ODE.  So we, along with ODE, will be offering our best practices in state assessment.  Additionally, experienced DTCs will be available throughout the day to answer your questions and provide assistance with your specific needs.
  christine_blouke_web.png    neely_kirwan_web.png  derek_edens_web.png  tom_luba_web.png  laurie_corliss_web.png
    • Christine Blouke, Coordinator of Assessment/Student Information, Parkrose SD
    • Brian Bain, District Assessment Coordinator, Tigard-Tualatin SD
    • Neely Kirwan, Director of Curriculum/Instruction, Hood River SD
    • Derek Edens, Director of Assessment & Technology Coordinator, David Douglas SD
    • Tom Luba, Coordinator of Assessment and Data Analysis, Hillsboro SD
    • Laurie Corliss, Assessment Support, Corvallis SD

Serving Guatemalan Students and Families - An Interactive Workshop (Wednesday; 1:00-4:00; Vistas Room) - The Oregon Department of Education, in partnership with some of the most preeminent education scholars in Guatemala, is pleased to invite you to this truly unique opportunity.  Oregon schools are serving increasing numbers of children and families from Guatemala, who collectively speak over 22 native languages. In recent years, some communities have experienced over 300 percent growth in their Guatemalan populations, with much of this growth in regions with limited previous experience serving migrant students and families. Dr. Bienvenido Argueta (former Minister of Education) and Dr. Daniel Domingo López (Vice Minister of Bilingual Intercultural Education), along with representatives from the Academia Maya, will be facilitating an interactive workshop for educators and community members on Guatemalan migrant education. Participants will leave with an increased ability to support and develop culturally responsive and sustaining learning structures in support of our Guatemalan students and familiesClick here to register for this special pre-conference event.

bienvenido_argueta_hernandez_web.png  daniel_domingo_lopez_web.png  carlos_jacinto_coz_web.png  guatemalan_flag.jpg

  • Dr. Bienvenido Argueta Hernández, Director of the Research Institute of Education at San Carlos University of Guatemala
  • Dr. Daniel Domingo López, Vice Minister of Bilingual and Intercultural Education
  • Carlos Jacinto Coz, General Director of Bilingual and Intercultural Education at the Ministry of Education from Guatemala


  • New Principals Academy





Graduate Eugene (formerly Hilton)
66 East 6th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401


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Graduate Eugene (formerly Hilton)
66 East 6th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401


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