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Oregon Elementary School Principals Association

About Oregon Elementary School Principals Association (OESPA)

Oregon Elementary School Principals Association (OESPA) serves those administrators who are actively engaged in the administration or supervision of elementary and middle school students.  Principals, vice principals of elementary and middle schools as well as other administrative personnel in the elementary and middle schools are eligible to become OESPA members.

The purpose of the OESPA Executive Committee is:

  • to promote, improve and exert a leadership role for the educational welfare of Oregon's children;
  • to encourage continual professional growth among principals;
  • to work cooperatively with other organizations, institutions and individuals interested in education; and
  • to develop cooperation and fellowship among elementary school principals.

OESPA is a state affiliate of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). 

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Online Zoom Meetings

Zoom meetings for elementary school principals will be announced after the Principals Conference in October.

OESPA Executive Committee


Heidi Brown

Superintendent/Principal, Crow-Applegate-Lorane SD


Barb Keeton

Principal, Oak Creek Elementary

Past President

Gerry Flock

Principal, Lone Pine Elementary

NAESP Representative

Rachael George

Principal, Sandy Grade School

Central Region Representative

Kelle Hilldebrandt

Principal, Elk Meadow Elementary

Coastal Region Representative

Gary Roberts

Principal, Millicoma Intermediate

Eastern Region Representative

Tobey Huddleston

Principal, Aiken Elementary

Metro Region Representative

Kim Miles

Principal, East Gresham Elementary

Southern Region Representative

Sallie Johnson

Principal, Washington Elementary

Willamette Region Representative

Cory Gaub

Principal, North Marion Intermediate

At-Large Member

Stephanie Randall

Principal, Buena Vista Elementary

At-Large Member

Currently Vacant


At-Large Member

Currently Vacant


COSA Executive Director

Craig Hawkins

Coalition of Oregon School Administrators

Elections for OESPA officers are held annually.  OESPA presidents serve three years (as president, president-elect, past-president).  Other officers include six regional representatives, an NAESP representative and up to four appointed positions.