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Oregon Association of School Executives

About Oregon Association of School Executives (OASE)

The Oregon Association of School Executives (OASE) serves licensed school administrators who are directly responsible to a board of education; who serve as superintendents, or as a deputy, associate, area or assistant superintendent; and who are district level directors in personnel, business management or collective bargaining.  OASE includes the State Superintendent of Public Instruction and deputies or assistants to that office.

The purpose of the executive committee is to serve members in a continuous effort to improve education and educational administration through striving:

  • to exercise leadership in promoting the best interests of all education;
  • to improve educational programs through studies of problems and developments in areas selected by its membership;
  • to direct and sponsor in-service programs and activities designed to improve the effectiveness of its members in performing their various roles as administrators; and
  • to work cooperatively with other organizations - within and out of the profession - when goals are to improve public education.

OASE is a state affiliate of the national Superintendents Association (AASA). 

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Off the Record Meetings

OASE Off the Record Meetings are held periodically through out the school year, usually three-to-five times per year. They are attended by school superintendents from all of Oregon's school districts and ESDs, and invited guests. 

See Off the Record dates and materials

Education Leadership Coalition (ELC)

The OASE Education Leadership Coalition (ELC) was established to develop consensus among superintendents regarding matters of educational policy and school funding. Consensus positions developed by the ELC are used to form advocacy plans and proposals, and to advise COSA staff and guide conversations with legislators and other policymakers.

See ELC materials

Executive Committee


Mark Witty

Superintendent, Baker SD


Tim Sweeney

Superintendent, Coquille SD

Past President

Darin Drill

Superintendent, Cascade SD

Zone I Director

Mike Scott

Superintendent, Hillsboro SD

Zone II Director

Danna Diaz

Superintendent, Reynolds SD

Zone III Director

Andy Gardner

Superintendent, North Santiam SD

Zone IV Director

Brian Gardner

Superintendent, Central Linn SD

Zone V Director

Currently Vacant


Zone VI Director

Scott Beveridge

Superintendent, Southern Oregon ESD

Zone VII Director

Pat Sublette

Columbia Gorge ESD

Zone VIII Director

George Mendoza

LaGrande SD

Zone IX Director

Paul Andrews

Superintendent, High Desert ESD

Zone X Director

Kathleen Rodden-Nord

Superintendent, Junction City SD


Zone XI Director

Alisha McBride

Vale SD

Ex-Officio Member

Samantha Steele

Superintendent, Central Point SD

Ex-Officio Member

Jim Green

Executive Director, Oregon School Boards Association

Ex-Officio Member

Peter Weber

Executive Director, Oregon School Activities Association

Ex-Officio Member

Heidi Sipe

AASA Governing Board, Umatilla SD

Ex-Officio Member

Bret Uptmor

Grant SD 3

Oregon Small Schools Association

COSA Executive Director

Craig Hawkins

Coalition of Oregon School Administrators

Elections for OASE officers are held annually. OASE presidents serve three years (as president-elect, president and past-president). OASE Zone Directors serve three-year terms.