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Oregon Association of Central Office Administrators

About Oregon Association of Central Office Administrators (OACOA)

Oregon Association of Central Office Administrators (OACOA) membership is open to any supervisory personnel who are excluded from the bargaining unit and whose job descriptions are to coordinate, supervise, and/or evaluate instructional programs, curriculum and/or personnel.  This includes Administrators, Directors of Human Resources/Personnel, Directors of Student Services, Directors of Special Education, Business Managers, Coordinators of Special Programs, Curriculum Directors, Special Education Coordinators, Athletic Directors, Technology Directors and IT/IS.

The purpose of the executive committee is to provide opportunities for increasing the competence of persons engaged in supervisory activities in Oregon schools; provide an organizational framework which represents supervisors in statewide education discussion and decisions; and encourage professional communication among members.

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Online Meetings

May 13 OACOA online meeting: Updates & Resources

June 3 OACOA online meeting: Updates & Resources

OACOA online meetings are held every three weeks or so. For connection information, contact Colin Cameron.

2020-21 OACOA Seminar Series

To be announced.

Executive Committee


Cynthia Richardson

Director of Student Equity, Access and Assessment, Salem-Keizer SD


Lynne Griffin

Clatsop Service Center Administrator, NWRESD

Past President

Elaine Fox

Executive Director of Special Programs, Hillsboro SD

Region A Representative

April Harrison

Special Programs Director, Rogue River SD

Region B Representative

Melissa Glover

Coordinator, Student Services, Salem-Keizer SD

Region C Representative

Karen Jordan

Executive Director of Student Services, Redmond SD

Region D Representative

Michael Salitore

Director of Supported Ed, Molalla River SD

Region E Representative

Lori Thompson

Director of Student Services, St. Helens SD

Region F Representative

Julie Smith

Director of Special Programs, Pendleton SD

At-Large Member

Lisa DeSalvio

Special Education Director, Coos Bay SD

At-Large Member

Danielle Hudson

Executive Administrator of Student Services, Beaverton SD

At-Large Member

Shelly Reggiani

Executive Director of Equity & Instruction, North Clackamas SD

At-Large Member

Stephanie Allen-Hart

Special Education Director, Three Rivers SD

Ex-Officio Member

Bill Stewart

Curriculum/Assessment, Gladstone SD

Ex-Officio Member

Jennifer Patterson

Assistant Superintendent, Office of Teaching Learning, ODE

Ex-Officio Member

David Williams

Director-Government Relations, Beaverton SD

Deputy Executive Director

Colin Cameron

Coalition of Oregon School Administrators







Elections for OACOA officers are held annually.  OACOA presidents serve three years (as president-elect, president and past-president).  OACOA regional and at-large representatives serve three-year terms.