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October 1–2, 2020

2020 Special Education Fall Conference (Virtual)

"Inclusive Practices: Developing Equitable Learning Communities - Challenges and Opportunities"


This year's conference is built on major strands of:

  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Trauma Informed Practices
  • Inclusive Practices
  • Exploring Civil Rights

Participants will be able to design their own unique schedule using our conference app and presenters will provide engaging sessions and relevant materials throughout the day.


Featured Speaker:

  • Nancy Frey, Professor of Literacy, San Diego State University - Bio


In response to COVID-19 impact we will be holding virtual Special Education conferences this fall and spring rather than a three-day fall conference. Registered participants will receive an invitation to use the event app seven (7) days prior to the conference.  This will allow participants to pre-select their sessions.


Featured Breakout Sessions

Social Emotional Learning:

  • Allowing Teachers to Plan, Teach, and Team
  • Best Practices for Professional Wellness
  • Actionable Strategies for Reducing Stress & Anxiety in Both Staff and Students
  • What is a Culture of Care?

Trauma Informed Practices:

  • Addressing Trauma and the Importance of Self-Care During COVID-19
  • Truly Trauma-Informed? Assessing & Designing Actionable Systems and Practices
  • Creating Mental Health Awareness; A Mental Health First Aid Approach in Schools
  • Iron Fists in Velvet Gloves: How Trauma-Informed Neuroscience Informs Effective K-5 Special Education Student Management Practices

Inclusive Practices:

  • Ready Schools, Safe Learners and Family Engagement
  • Dismantling Silos for Students Experiencing Disabilities in High School
  • Supporting Early Childhood Inclusion
  • Inclusive Practices through Improvement Science

Exploring Civil Rights:

  • Virtual Professional Learning Communities - Transition to Adulthood Focus
  • Supporting Learning from Home for Students with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
  • Multilingual Special Education Family Toolkit
  • Section 504, the ADA (Title II) & Students with Disabilities in Public Schools: Lessons Learned



Click here to view the agenda.