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Beyond Compliance: How Administrators Can Support DEI&B for Everyone

Beyond Compliance: How Administrators Can Support DEI&B for Everyone

Integrating DEI&B into activities ranging from curriculum to faculty administration has gotten more, not less complex in today’s complicated social and political environment.  Faculty and administrators from Pre K to Universities are on the front line of having to navigate the issues.   For true equity to be achieved, everyone needs to be involved, even those who question the validity of the premise itself.  This session will address ways Administrators and leaders can address the real issues without needing to pick a side other than the preservation of literacy for all involved. Learn how to face and confront resistance with courage and grace. We will share proven ways to get everyone to the DEI&B table.

This workshop will improve your ability to to:

  • Lay out the practical case for DEI&B
  • Overcome DEI&B resistance with grace
  • Leverage diversity and inclusion as a catalyzer instead of as a divider
  • Bridge the ideological or political divide with faculty, parents and administrators who question the need for DEI&B  in curriculum or policy
  • Design meetings, workshops, team discussions, and events in ways that create positive partnerships with all employees

Resistance and skepticism can be a cultural barrier to progress in organizations, but they can also be an opportunity to create genuine partnerships across differences. The goal isn't to change people's beliefs, but rather to help everyone make positive shifts in their behavior.