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Brian McCann Sessions

Brian McCann Sessions


Disruptive Leadership: The No Apology Tour 2019 - Being a connected educator changed my life as a school leader. I canceled final exams, changed school culture with an 11x17 piece of paper, created a school improvement plan based on faculty innovations, and starred in a viral snow day video.  You can, too.

This session will begin to change your mindset from "that's what we always have done" to "what if...."It is essential that leaders see the possibilities beyond what they do because "that's what we've always done." Sometimes you just need some inspiration....a non-tactile push in the right direction of change.

Some people need scholarly articles. Some need big data. Some need a panel of practitioners. I need one person who's passion is electric, palpable, and charismatic.  


Breakout Session:

Alchemy of Social Media - Think Twitter 101 -- with the addition of two shots of espresso. Learn from one longtime Massachusetts educator how Twitter transformed his leadership and school culture. After sharing a few different social media journeys, attendees will be led through process of becoming a connected educator. We will teach you the Twitter basics, then engage you in your first Twitter chat.  Attendees should sign up for a Twitter account prior to this session!