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Doug Fisher Thursday Workshop

Doug Fisher Thursday Workshop


In this Session, Dr. Fisher will dig deeper into practical tools and strategies for Leading the Rebound: 20+ Must-Dos to Restart Teaching and Learning you’ll find immediate actions, mindsets, and approaches to take if we’re to reimagine and improve our schools and school systems. Step by step, He will share strategies:  

  1. Take care of yourself
  2. Take stock and find the path
  3. Rebuild teacher agency
  4. Rebuild collective teacher efficacy
  5. Foreground social and emotional learning
  6. Change the learning loss narrative
  7. Guide teacher clarity
  8. Ensure instructional excellence
  9. Use assessments for a range of purposes
  10. Design and implement interventions
  11. Win back parent-teacher relationships
  12. Establish restorative practices
  13. Avoid stealing the conflict
  14. Enhance teacher-student and student-student interactions
  15. Develop early warning systems for attendance, behavior, and course completion
  16. Confront cognitive challenges to learning
  17. Ensure equitable and restorative grading
  18. Enhance PLCs
  19. Provide empathetic feedback
  20. Host honest performance conversations
  21. Maintain your social presence
  22. Future-proof teachers and students 

This session will be backed up with all kinds of resources--including VISIBLE LEARNING® research, sample planning tools, and other essential tips and strategies--to provide you with a start-to-finish roadmap for navigating this absolutely critical next leg in our journey toward a “better normal.”