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Ernesto Sandoval Rodriguez, Jr.

Ernesto Sandoval Rodriguez, Jr.

Ernesto Sandoval Rodriguez, Jr., Director of Early Childhood, West Region, Scholastic Education 

Ernesto is a gifted presenter and specialist specializing in Early Childhood and Early Literacy Development. He has had an impact on schools and children for over 20 years. He is a three-time Teacher of the Year award-winner, and was a certified Master Reading Teacher in the State of Texas. 

As an educator Ernesto worked extensively with children and teachers on best practices tied to Early Childhood Education and Early Literacy. 

His career in professional development began while working in Edgewood ISD in San Antonio, Texas. Ernesto was called upon to conduct district-wide inservices in the areas of Early Childhood Literacy, Guided Reading, Literature Circles, Writing, Literacy Management and Classroom Management at the Elementary Level. 

Ernesto completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin and then completed a Master of Arts in Education at the University of Texas at San Antonio. 

At Scholastic his expertise with Early Literacy and Developmentally Appropriate Practices has also been at the core of many Early Childhood Initiatives as well as Curriculum Development at Scholastic Education. 

Due to his extensive experience with Early Childhood and Early Literacy Ernesto is also given the charge at Scholastic to conduct presentations on research based best practices at National, Regional and State Level Early Childhood Conferences while representing Scholastic as Director of Early Childhood.