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Leora Wolf-Prusan

Leora Wolf-Prusan


Leora Wolf-Prusan (she/hers) is the Director of Partnerships & Learning at the Center for Applied Research Solutions, serving as the Project Director for the School Crisis Recovery & Renewal (SCRR) project and as the school mental health field director for the Pacific Southwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center (MHTTC), in addition to many other facilitation projects. Previous roles include a national field director of a SAMHSA initiative (ReCAST) and technical assistance for the Student Mental Health Program for California’s Community Colleges, CalWORKs, and more.  She has had the pleasure of working with Oregon Educators Association (OEA) Choice Trust and her team at SCRR have worked with the Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Programs among other Oregon-based partners.

With years of training and facilitating learning and community building in schools p-16, Wolf-Prusan is skilled in facilitation, human learning design, training, and coaching. Wolf-Prusan is dedicated to work focused on educator mental health, wellness, and trauma-informed approaches to education and operates through a framework in which public health, social work, and education intersect. Her research examined the impact of student death on teachers, what factors contribute to teachers building resiliency, and what supports teachers need from the school system in the event of a student homicide or other traumas.

She received a BA in international relations and a BA in Spanish with a minor in Social & Ethnic Relations from the University of California, Davis; a teaching credential from Mills College; and an EdD in educational leadership from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her work in school crisis recovery and renewal is motivated by and dedicated to educators and youth who envision schools as a platform for community and connection.