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Mark Kadel

Mark Kadel and his family worked for nine years as missionaries in the Balkan area of Eastern Europe, where they assisted and provided humanitarian assistance to victims of civil war and ethnic persecution in Albania, Greece and Kosovo.  After returning to the United States in 2002, Mark started working with World Relief as his experience overseas greatly enabled his world perspective to the needs of refugees and victims of human trafficking from around the world.  As the North Carolina Director, Mark oversaw programs that assisted in the resettlement of refugees and Victims of Human Trafficking and grew the assistance programs fivefold in the 3 years he was director.  Transferring to World Relief’s Spokane office in 2010, Mark expanded refugee resettlement programs as well as raising awareness of human trafficking in the Inland Northwest. Mark also began providing refugee simulation courses for local universities, high schools, churches and local government workers to help them understand the plight of refugees and what they encounter when resettled in this country.

Currently, Mark and his wife reside in Ferndale, WA where he consults with other nonprofits in serving vulnerable populations.