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Nancy Frey Keynote

Nancy Frey Keynote

Rebuilding Agency and Rethinking Schools

For more than a year now, we educators have been tested and tested again. We’ve been stretched, we’ve been pulled, we’ve been put through the wringer. But now it’s time to rebound. It’s time to bounce back, bring back better, and benefit from the many lessons learned to reignite engagement, accelerate learning, and move forward with fresh optimism and better systems for schooling. 

In this first session, we’ll focus on rebuilding agency and reimagine how this unprecedented year can give us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rethink schools. 

  • Address the collective traumas we have experienced during the pandemic and rebuild our sense of agency and self, so that we can attribute student success to their efforts 
  • Redefine classrooms, learning experiences, the ways schools operate, and the very idea of schooling itself