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OSSA Activities

OSSA Activities



Professional Development

The Oregon Small Schools Association is dedicated to the concept of making high quality professional development available to its members. This would include leadership development opportunities as well as staff training. Activities in this regard will include either overseeing or serving as a partner in the following activities:

  • COSA Seaside Conference (June)
  • Oregon Small Schools Conference (April)
  • OSBA Convention (Nov)
  • COSA Law Conference (December)


The Oregon Small Schools Association cooperates with COSA and OSBA in support of legislative activities affecting Oregon’s public schools. OSSA also maintains a lobbying presence on behalf of issues of critical importance to small schools through the employment of a professional lobbyist and the presence of an active Legislation & Policy Committee. The Legislation & Policy Committee is composed of one representative from each region plus the chair. Regional representatives serve as alternates on the Legislative & Policy Committee. While OSSA has a broad legislative platform, it has also identified its priorities, which include:

  • Preservation of small school funding provisions including:
  • Small school factor
  • Transportation enhancement
  • Small high school grants


The Oregon Small Schools Association seeks to recognize individuals who work on behalf of small schools and to recognize individual staff members in small schools who are deserving of special attention. Programs in this area include:

  • Teacher of the Year
  • Principal of the Year
  • Administrator of the Year

We also offer scholarships for students of our member districts. Two $1,000 scholarships ware awarded each year in 1A, 2A and 3A districts, for a total of six scholarships.


The Oregon Small Schools Association seeks to communicate with its members through timely e-mail messages and its "Small Talk" newsletter. 


The Oregon Small Schools Association is designed to serve as an advocate for the benefits of rural education and small schools. OSSA also works to advance the interests of staff members, administrators, and board members who serve the needs of students in isolated areas and to help assure program equity. In this regard, one of the activities of OSSA is to “put a face on rural education.” OSSA believes that the individuals who live and work in rural areas are often viewed as statistics rather than as real people. As a result, one of OSSA's missions is to make sure that those stories are shared throughout Oregon.

Here's what we do:

  • Select the OSSA Teacher of the Year
  • Honor small school districts with an Award of Excellence for their outstanding progress in improving the education of students
  • Sponsor the annual Small Schools Breakfast at the Oregon School Boards Association Fall Convention in Portland
  • Publish SMALL TALK, a newsletter containing news items, activities, ideas and successful practices of interest to educators
  • Work with COSA, NWREL and OSBA to support and promote small schools
  • Provide pertinent information to school districts regarding legislative changes, TSPC proposed rule changes and ODE proposed administrative rule changes