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Stop Talking the Talk – Walk the Walk! How Teacher Teams Help Kids Succeed

Stop Talking the Talk – Walk the Walk! How Teacher Teams Help Kids Succeed

In this dynamic workshop, educators at all levels will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to achieve a guaranteed and viable curriculum by leveraging the Common Core State Standards and creating effective classroom assessments to measure student learning. Through a guided practice session, participants will use a structured Data Team process and actual student work to plan and differentiate instruction. Furthermore, key tools of the trade will be introduced, which support reflective practices and provide actionable tips for successful implementation. Bring your teams! Districts should come with directors, principals, lead teachers, team facilitators, and new staff.  

This session is highly recommended for:

  • Staff struggling to gain efficiency in executing the steps of the data team process
  • New staff and administrators
  • Districts that need training without the hefty price tag
  • School board and community members who want to understand the proper use of assessment data


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  • Megan Kimball, Consultant, Educational Excellence
  • Ali Hurd, Consultant, Educational Excellence
  • Dr. Andrea Sande, Consultant, Educational Excellence
  • Missi Thurman, Consultant, Educational Excellence