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Rebecca Midles Bio

Rebecca Midles Bio

Rebecca Midles, Educator and Learning Systems Revolutionist, Youth Enthusiast & Advocate

Ms. Midles has provided support to learners, educators, administrators, communities and State departments interested in pursuing a change in the way we facilitate and support learning.  For the last few years, she has led, presented and supported educational symposiums across the country.  She is an avid instructional and leadership coach, as well as a dedicated advocate for learners.

Midles was a co-creator, teacher and administrator of Highland Tech School, one of the leading performance-based schools in the United States, which opened in 2003 in Anchorage, Alaska.  Prior to working in Anchorage, Midles taught in three other Alaskan school districts which participated at some level in performance-based education.

Her work in Alaska led her to work on a national level as a presenter and also as a consultant working primarily with school districts in Maine, New York City, Denver and Montana.  Rebecca is now working as the Performance Based Systems Specialist for Lindsay Unified School District, living in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California.