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Rosemarie Allen Sessions

Rosemarie Allen Sessions

Pre-Conference Workshop - Wednesday, October 6, 2021:

Part 1 (9:00-11:30) - The History of Inequities - Many racial training sessions focus on the manifestation of inequities. To show there are inequities without showing why there are inequities and how they originated leaves too much to individual interpretation. It results in blaming communities of color for their circumstances without knowledge of the historical factors that created the circumstances. This training provides historical information on how bias and racism are codified in America’s laws, practices, and policies.
Part 2 (1:00-3:30) - Historical, Generational, and Racial Trauma - This training will engage participants in discussions related to key social justice and equity issues that impact how we lead, serve, and interact with others. Historical inequities will be explored through the eyes of five-year-old Jamal. Participants will gain an understanding of how yesterday’s events manifest in Early Childhood Special Education today. Epigenetics will be discussed, and resilient factors will be examined.


Keynote - Thursday, October 7, 2021:

I Can't Possibly Be Biased, Can I? - This Keynote Address will provide information on implicit bias and how to recognize one’s personal bias when interacting with young children. An overview of early childhood expulsion and suspension, racial disparities in the application of severe disciplinary practices in the preschool years will also be provided.