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Shelly Reggiani - Quote

Shelly Reggiani - Quote

Students and families who have historically received the most marginalized from schools experience education differently than those in the dominant culture.  Race, language, culture, socio-economic status, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, and (dis)ability each has played a role in how students and families access and are supported by our education system, and remain the leading indicators of who graduates and who does not.  

The Covid-19 Pandemic has put a new and more intense illumination on the disparities between those who have privilege in our communities and school systems and those who do not.  The achievement gap is a manifestation of the opportunity gap. Our students and families who have experienced the most historical disadvantage in schools face a different burden in the pandemic than those with privilege and are at greater risk for negative and widening disparities in opportunity, educational experiences, and learning outcomes.

Leading for equity takes intention, dedication, cultural humility, and partnership. It is work that is in direct contrast to the status quo.  As leaders for equity, our charge is more critical than ever; creating and maintaining the conditions for equitable access and outcomes for students by embracing their unique identities and prioritizing the needs of students in historically marginalized populations as we lead in these unprecedented times.

Shelly Reggiani, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Equity & Instructional Services
North Clackamas School District
2020 Women in School Leadership Award