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November 14, 2016

2016 Fall Breakthrough Coach/Day 3

The Breakthrough Coach Day 3:

You’ve implemented many of the Breakthrough Coach practices. You’ve had real breakthroughs. You’ve had some breakdowns. You’ve reached your achievement “plateau”. 

It’s time to take the critical next step in your Breakthrough Coach journey: Day 3. 

Day 3 is a one-day, hands-on, interactive session focused on the practical application of Breakthrough Coach Fundamentals™. Led by a TBC Master Practitioner (an educational leader like yourself), Day 3 reveals “how to” truly operationalize the practices in your school or district. 

Day 3 is affirmation of what you’ve achieved so far. You are re-grounded in TBC’s philosophy and methodology, and you and your secretary have quality time to think together, make adjustments and plan proactively. 

Day 3 is energizing.  You discuss the practices in small groups of administrative teams who share your current reality.  You collaborate. You learn what’s worked for others and share what’s worked for you. You problem-solve. You role play and practice the Fundamentals™ with coaching. 

Day 3 is the next step on your Breakthrough Coach journey. 

Don’t miss this important opportunity for your administrative team to be reinforced, affirmed, and re-energized. Take your Breakthrough Coach practice to the next level. 



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