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December 2–4, 2020

2020 Oregon School Law Conference (Virtual)

Pre-Conference Sessions – December 2, 2020
8:30 to 4:30 - Oregon School Law and Finance
8:00 to 12:00 - New Principals Academy
1:00 to 4:00 - Student Rights and Discipline
1:00 to 4:00 - Back to Basics: Employee Discipline & Dismissal
1:00 to 4:00 - Nuts and Bolts: Special Education
1:00 to 4:00 - Legal Issues Impacting Oregon Small Schools (hosted by OSSA)

Oregon School Law and Finance Seminar 2020 - This is a 2-credit course which is held in conjunction with the COSA Oregon School Law Conference meets the TSPC law and finance requirements for out-of-state administrators. It is designed to provide school personnel with up-to-date information on legal and financial issues critical to Oregon schools.  Please note that additional work is required after attending the COSA Conference.  The $480 fee is for the University of Oregon academic credit and does not include the conference registration fee.  Registration available soon.


Breakout Sessions:

I. - The Path to Diversity and Inclusion: Recognizing and Responding to Implicit Bias in Employment 
II. - Investigations: Tips and Traps for Managing and Conducting Effective Investigations 
III. - Top 10 Legislative Changes for Building Administrators 
IV. - Mitigating Liability in Special Education Classrooms:  Getting Ahead of Trends in Staff and Student Litigation 
V. - There’s always something new! 2020 legal updates you need to know to stay out of trouble! 
VI. - Impact of HB 2016 and 1049 on Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations 
VII. - SB 155 and New Accountability and Risks for Administrators 
VIII. - Practice Tips in Special Education in Adversarial Situations with Parents 
IX. - Equity and Civil Rights in School Sponsored Activities 
X. - Managing Employee Conduct in a Contentious Society and in Changing Times 
XI. - HB 2016: What you Need to Know 
XII. - Navigating the Intersection of Free Speech and Anti-Harassment: Supporting a Healthy School Climate in Tumultuous Times 
XIII. - Changes to the Sexual Harassment Law: What Building Administrators Need to Know to Effectively Handle and Investigate Complaints 
XIV. - Special Education from a Parent Attorney’s Perspective 
XV. - Church and State in the 21st Century 


Small Group Discussions:

A. - Section 504, Title II (ADA) & Students with Disabilities in Public Schools 
B. - Managing your Public Relations without Making it Your Full-time Job: Records Requests and Complaints 
C. - Are Your Policies Up to Date with Current Legislation? 
D. - Suicide Policy and Prevention: SB 52 (and other suicide bills) 
E. - Current Trends and Challenges Concerning Charter Schools 
F. - Diversifying the 4J Workforce 
G. - Legal Issues Heading into the 2020 Election 
H. - DACA - Legal Update, Impact on Students and Schools 
I. - Conversation with TSPC