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March 10–12, 2021

2021 State English Learners Alliance Conference

Click here to download the conference program.
The videos from the conference are no longer available.

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We are very pleased to announce that Paul Gorski will be a featured speaker at the 2021 Statewide English Learners Alliance Conference.  Click here for Paul's articles.

Pre-Conference Events:           
8:00 to 12:00     Equity Academy I for Educators
8:00 to 12:00     Equity Academy II for Educators
9:00 to 12:00    New Principals Academy
1:00 to 4:00      OACOA Seminar Series - To register: click here.
1:00 to 4:00       Paul Gorski Pre-Conference - Getting Serious about Racial Equity


Featured Breakout Sessions:

  • Getting it Right:  Building Diverse Classroom Resources with Linguistically, Culturally Responsive, and Respectful Teaching Tips
  • Co-teaching with ELD and SpEd to Provide Students with More Opportunities
  • Streamlining Data and Best Practices to Expand Current ELL Preschool Model
  • Digital Argumentation: Perspective Building Through Visualization
  • The Oregon State Seal of Biliteracy - Empowering Students in a Linguistically Global World
  • Expanding Learning Opportunities for ELLs
  • A Cross-district Dual Language Program Cadre; Ongoing Collaboration with Oregon's DL Leaders
  • Graphic Rubrics for Targeted Feedback and Student Self-Assessment
  • A Multilingual, Multicultural Approach to Teaching & Learning English
  • Integrating Science and ESL in K-5: How To and Lessons Learned
  • Bilingual Teacher Pathways
  • Ensuring Quality Instructional Materials for English Learners
  • Integrating Language, Literacy and Content: Modeling and Practice of Key Instructional Strategies
  • Integrated PD for Language-rich Classrooms
  • Meaningfully Engaging Linguistically Diverse Families in the Special Education Process
  • English Learner Students with Disabilities and Opportunities to Learn
  • Listening to Parents of English Learners - Using Empathy Interviews to Guide Practice and Policy
  • Best Practices for Supporting Newcomer Immigrant and Refugee Secondary Students
  • Disrupting Blindness: What Racial Literacy Can Teach Us to See
  • Using Games to Attain Meaningful Learning in SLA & ESOL PD  
  • Improving our Sociocultural Competence to Engage Our Marginalized Families During CDL
  • Collaborating for Meaningful Engagement of ELs through Integration of ELP and Social Studies Standards
  • Increasing Language Learning Opportunities with Technology
  • Highlighting Academic Supports and Enrichment Opportunities for our Migrant Students
  • Seven Co-teaching Models to Support English Language Acquisition
  • School Wide English Learning: Peer Coaching for English Learner Success
  • Developing a Multilingual, Asset-Based Approach in ALL Schools  
  • Teachers in the TEAMS Project Strengthen Partnerships with Multilingual Families during COVID-19 
  • Instructional Look-Fors in a Language-Rich Classroom
  • EL Policy News and Updates for 2021-22





Click here to view the agenda.