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Teach Like a Pirate - Dave Burgess

Oregon ASCD and COSA are collaborating to focus on "Student Engagement" and essential tenant of the Whole Child.

Join us for a high-energy, and inspirational program that will transform the way you look at your role as an educator!

Dave Burgess will reignite your passion for the education profession and show you exactly how to make an amazing school place that has students wanting to knock down the walls to get in.

Teach Like a PIRATE has sparked a full-scale revolution in the educational world and has inspired teachers from all over the globe to achieve new levels of excellence in their schools and classrooms.  This program is your chance to experience the one-of-a-kind presentational style of unbelievable intensity and outrageous energy that has inspired audiences at packed venues across the nation.

Teach Like a Pirate Learner Outcomes:

  • Learn how to dramatically increase student engagement and design wildly creative lessons
  • Reignite your passion for the education profession
  • Design lessons that make YOUR class an amazing place that has students wanting to knock down the walls to get in.
  • Learn how to use your brain like Google and create a GPS system for powerful teaching
  • Generate new lesson ideas through the use of Creative Alchemy
  • Tap into creativity you didn’t even know you had to build a course that is a life-changing experience for your students
  • Learn how to ask the kinds of questions that will bring your students (and yourself) to new creative heights
  • Explore common roadblocks and how to overcome them by reframing expectations
  • Develop a natural and authentic connection with your students to build trust and “set the stage” for learning
  • Learn why an enthusiastic outlook is so vital and how to maintain it throughout the school day
Feb 22, 2019