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October 23–25, 2016

Annual Principals & Teacher Leaders Conference

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Featured Speakers:




Monday, October 24, 2016

New: EdCamp

What is EdCamp?  EdCamp is described as "a form of unconference designed specifically for educators and their needs.  Unlike traditional conference sessions which have a preset outline set months in advance by the people running the conference, Edcamp has an agenda that’s created by the participants.  Instead of one person standing in front of the room talking for an hour (which isn't bad), people are encouraged to have discussions and hands-on sessions.  All of the space and time are reserved for the topics and questions the people participating in the session want to talk about.  EdCamp uses the expertise in the room to discuss, question, comment, suggest, share, create and dream.  To help us set the agenda we need the participants, YOU, to tell us what you want to discuss.  Please click this padlet link and post your question/topic of interest:  If you have never used Padlet before, click here:  Bring a device and your brain and join us!




Sunday Fireside Chat
Salam Noor, Deputy Superintendent, Oregon Department of Education - Bio
Dawne Huckaby, Assistant Superintendent, Oregon Department of Education
Christie Dudley, Director, Oregon Department of Education



Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
Jesse Payne, Ed.D, Dir. of Undergraduate Teacher Education, Corban University - Bio

What leaders in Oregon are saying about the featured speakers:

“I am so grateful for COSA and the high quality conferences they sponsor that provide me access to the best quality administrative PD available. For me, The Principal’s Conference in Bend is the cream of the professional development crop. I always come away with practical and immediately implementable ideas. Join me in October at the Principal’s Conference in Bend, we have some amazing ideas waiting for you.”  Lee  Loving, Principal, Ridgeview High School/OASSA President

"No one understands the challenges a principal will face and how to tackle them better than a colleague who has helped educators meet those challenges.  Attending the annual Principals and Teacher Leaders Conference is a place to meet your colleagues and learn with them, establish a network of support, and discover helpful resources.  Join me in Bend in October as we strengthen our skills”  Ginger Redlinger, Director, Oregon Trail Academy/OESPA President 

“This Conference specifically targets school leaders, supporting the important work they do every day.  It is also the foremost opportunity to network and connect with building administrators, extending professional learning through formal and informal conversation.”  Clint Raever, Principal/OASSA President-Elect 

“Often times, principals feel isolated in their positions in terms of their own professional development. This conference provides an opportunity to experience a variety of opportunities to fill those needs. It provides valuable insights and inspiration about our profession from colleagues around the state.”  Rachael George, Principal/OESPA President-Elect




The Riverhouse Hotel & Convention Center
3075 U.S. 97 Business, Bend, OR 97701


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The Riverhouse Hotel & Convention Center
3075 U.S. 97 Business, Bend, OR 97701


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Shilo Inn
1-800-222-2244  Call and ask for the government rate when making your reservation.