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October 27–December 13, 2021

Mindful Leadership for Resilience

Fall Program – Begins October 27, 2021

Learn a life-changing set of mindfulness skills for calm, resilience, emotional intelligence, and effective leadership that will help you foster an education environment rooted in presence and compassion. You will walk away from the program feeling inspired and empowered to show up as the best version of yourself and to help your colleagues and students realize their full potential. 

Led by Cofounders Ryan Kenny and Rena Satre Meloy, Pause is a trusted leader in the modern mindfulness movement. Their unique evidence-based Pause Method™ helps organizations train mindful leaders at every level. Ryan and Rena have most recently worked with Willamette ESD and High Desert ESD to achieve impressive results creating a culture of calm, positive mental health, and high performance.

This is a practical, non-religious program designed by a mental health professional and derived from the latest neuroscience, positive psychology, and wellness research.

What’s Included:

  • LIVE, interactive, educational experiences + expert coaching
  • Opportunities to authentically connect, learn, and grow with fellow education leaders
  • Simple, science-based practices for resilience, emotional intelligence, and healthy high performance
  • Strategies + tools to lead with mindful presence at work and in everyday life
  • Access to comprehensive Mindful Leadership Digital Toolkit with on-demand recordings, learning materials, and inspiring resources to help you prioritize your mental health and develop mindfulness as a daily habit.

Topics Covered:

  • Authentic Leadership Presence 
  • Mindful Leadership Through Change & Uncertainty
  • Cultivating Calm Under Pressure
  • Developing Inner Resources for Resilience
  • Neuroplasticity & Wellbeing Mindsets
  • Skillfully Navigating Distraction & Overwhelm
  • Preventing Burnout
  • Establishing Work-Life Balance
  • Healthy High Performance
  • Strengthening Emotional Intelligence
  • Compassion, Empathy, and Connection


Dates & Times:

12 Live Sessions Total

  • 6 Core Trainings (60 mins): Wednesdays 4-5pm
  • 6 Pause Practices (15 mins): Mondays 4-4:15pm


Week 1
Core Training – 10/27 from 4-5pm
Pause Practice – 11/1 from 4-4:15pm
Week 2
Core Training – 11/3 from 4-5pm
Pause Practice – 11/8 from 4-4:15pm
Week 3
Core Training – 11/10 from 4-5pm
Pause Practice – 11/15 from 4-4:15pm
Week 4
Core Training – 11/17 from 4-5pm
**no sessions the week of Thanksgiving**
Pause Practice – 11/29 from 4-4:15pm
Week 5
Core Training – 12/1 from 4-5pm
Pause Practice – 12/6 from 4-4:15pm
Week 6
Core Training – 12/8 from 4-5pm
Pause Practice – 12/13 from 4-4:15pm

All LIVE sessions are also recorded and made available for on-demand access.


Cost: $295



  • Ryan Kenny, LCSW, Pause Cofounder
  • Rena Satre Meloy, Pause Cofounder

From Previous ESD Participants – Fall 2020 & Spring 2021 Programs

“My stress level decreased immensely. Prior to the program, there were times where I felt so overwhelmed I would just breakdown. During the program, I found myself changing the way I reacted to my thoughts or feelings. I would do my best to simply note thoughts and really worked on taking deep breaths. I practiced compassion towards myself instead of being critical.”

“Of all the things our district has focused on this year with regard to mental health, this was hands down the best choice they could have made. As educators, we are taught to sacrifice often and burn the candle at both ends. This program truly was about doing something for yourself. That was the main focus. Thank you so very much for coming to us with your warmth and generosity. It was exactly what I needed.”

“Very impactful! I wasn't so reactionary to things that made me upset, even in the slightest way.”

“The delivery and insight was so well-managed. Each week, Ryan & Rena built on prior information. It felt like a natural expansion and exploration of the topics, and at the same time, each weekly session felt complete and thoughtfully helpful.”

“I have high expectations for myself and feel like I constantly fall short. I was reminded to look at the successes, use a kind, complimentary tone with myself. It was very calming and left me feeling less stressed.” 

“This is the most success I’ve ever had meditating and applying it in life. I’ve made one major discovery that I plan to continue work on, unconditional positive regard. In day-to-day life it is so easy to get trapped inside our own heads and disregard strangers around us. I am finding more compassion for everyone and hope we can all become better, even just a little bit.”

“Aside from the techniques, I have learned that I need to make time to take care of my emotional and physical needs.”

“I was made aware of how little time I gave to take care of my personal needs. This thought shift has been extremely impactful on my daily life and the things I am doing.”

“This helps me get out of my own way, and not make things into bigger problems or issues than they are, or even allows me to let things go, something that has always been very difficult for me.”