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March 6, 2015

Visible Learning for Administrators: Moving Beyond the Basics of Evaluation

March 6, 2015 - Wildhorse Convention Center, Pendleton

Who: Teacher and Administrators

What: Visibe Learning Based On Research by John Hattie

  • Teachers:  Get tools to help you set learning goals with students, increase your effectiveness as a teacher through differentiated feedback, and learn how to help students own their learning through the 9 Mind Frames of Visible Learning. 
  • Measure district, school, and classroom student learning and growth on common and formative assessments through the science of Effect Size.
  • Provide exceptional, differentiated, meaningful feedback to staff and students based upon data and evidence.
  • Receive feedback and take ownership of your growth as a leader and teacher.
  • Administrators:  Understand how to support the principal's priority work of: Instructional Leadership, Building Management, and School Culture.

How: Learning will take place through the power of collaboration and job alike networks. Administrators and teachers will learn the concepts of Visible Learning in the morning and break into job alike groups in the afternoon to discuss implementation strategies.  Bring the evaluation document your district is using to evaluate your performance and learn how to maximize your own growth through Visible Learning. You will build a supportive network of peers and walk away with a personal plan of action to support exceptional work in your school or district. 

AM:  Whole Group Session
Calling all Teachers and Administrators:  Learn the art and science behind John's Hattie's Visible Learning research.  In this session you will understand the basics of Effect Size to measure growth, the power of differentiated feedback, and the importance of the Visible Learning Mind Frames.   Presented by a district office administrator, principal, and teacher, you will have an opportunity to analyze some of your own student data using these powerful tools.  You will also be able practice differentiated feedback through the use of instructional videos. 

PM:  Breakout Session
Central Office Administrators and Principals:   You will have an opportunity analyze your administrator evaluation system, network with your peers, and discuss the key elements of highly effective evaluation systems.   Bring the evaluation tool you are using to evaluate administrators in your district and walk away with ideas to improve the implementation of your system.

Teachers and Principals:
Go deeper with the concepts of Visible Learning and understand how you can apply the VL principles in your classroom and school.  Through an interactive website, you will have the opportunity to explore and discuss a variety of best practices associated with Visible Learning.  You will also have the opportunity to discuss and plan ways to implement these practices in your school to improve student learning and growth.  

Resource Information: Www.PRIORITYLEADERSHIP.ORG


Visible Learning Trainers:
Rob Hess, Superintendent, Lebanon Community SD
Ryan Noss, Assistant Superintendent, Lebanon Community SD
Tonya Cairo, Principal, Lebanon Community SD


Wildhorse Convention Center
46510 Wildhorse Blvd.
Pendleton, Oregon 97801


7:30-8:30: Registration

8:30: Student Growth/ Leadership for learning

10:15: Break

11:45: Lunch

12:45: Visible Learning Job Alike Training

3:00: Sessions End


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