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January 22–23, 2015

Winter Breakthrough Coach

Breakthrough Coach in conjunction with the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators offers Principals, Assistant Principals, District Office Administrators & their Secretaries: 

  "How to Work Less, Produce More, & Still Get the Job Done in a Sensible School Week"

Want to reduce your work load by 15-20 hours a week, while multiplying your time in classrooms by 500% or more?  In this program you will learn how to…

  • Work a 40-50 hour week , while increasing organizational productivity and efficiency
  • Observe classroom instruction for at least 2 full days each week
  • Be reenergized in the role of "Instructional Leader"
  • Employ best practices for working with the school secretary
  • Prepare your organization to produce significant increases in student achievement measures

Malachi Pancoast will present this workshop.

What participants are saying about the TBC 2-day program:

"I was at Malachi’s session in July and it was great!  It’s all very well to have great ideas and research about leading a school, but last year I was buried in my office 60% of the time and in meetings the other 40%.  I couldn’t get ahead of the discipline avalanche because I couldn’t get into classes.  No more!  I took down my book shelves and recycled file cabinets full of old curriculum.  I’m ready to re-indoctrinate my secretary who will be so relieved to take charge and tell me what to do and when.  I’m really excited and grateful." - Sue Ann Higgens, Principal, Roosevelt High School, OR

"I want to tell you and Malachi that your program has made the biggest difference to my effectiveness as an administrator of any training I have ever had including my Master’s program.  I have not even fully implemented the steps yet and still I am plowing through work like never before.  I also have spotted several ways to lighten the load of my secretary.  My concerns about the increased load to my assistant principal (who also took the training) and secretary have not materialized.  In fact, although it has impacted them, they feel that as a whole we are operating more efficiently than ever before.  In short, it’s amazing." - Tom Mitchell, Principal, Frontier Junior High, WA

"I just wanted to let you know that I have bought into the program and daily enjoy my paper-free, pristine, Zen-like office.  My coaching days are paying off in more ways than one and my time is valuable to folks.  Malachi, I attended the Central Kitsap Peninsula SD training you gave over two days.  I was a guest from Tumwater SD. I was the most vocal principal at the first day and your parting words to my secretary were "Good luck with this guy."  You'll be happy to know that my secretary and I purged ten 50 gallon drums of paper from our office and can't imagine how we ever functioned without our daily 20 minute (more like 10 minute) meeting.  Thanks for helping me so much so early in my career." - Rob Sawatzky, Principal, Black Lake Elementary School, WA

For further information contact Colin Cameron , Deputy Director, COSA.


Inn at the Commons
200 N. Riverside Avenue
Medford, OR 97501


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Inn at the Commons
200 N. Riverside Avenue
Medford, OR 97501