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Director of Transportation

Eugene School District 4J
Closing date: 
Sunday, April 25, 2021

While this position has a desired start date of May 1, 2021, the position begins in the 2021/22 school year. We will work with the successful candidate regarding a mutually beneficial start date.

Position Summary:
Plan, direct, and review all fiscal and operational aspects of the Transportation Department including: business and operational planning; development of bus routing systems; daily operation of transportation services provided; and the District vehicle maintenance program. The Manager maintains regular contact with principals, other departments and parents.

Essential Functions
• Plans, directs and supervises activities and operations of the District Transportation Department including both pupil transportation and the fleet maintenance operations.
• Develops and administers the Transportation Department operational budget; as well as the budget for the ODE school bus depreciation reimbursement for the District and the school bus replacement program.
• Works with other District administrators in the short and long-term planning and budgeting processes relative to changes in the student population within the District, providing detailed analyses of the student demographics for boundary changes, school consolidations, and reconfigurations; as well as the cost of pupil transportation associated with changes.
• Directs and supervises the information technology functions within the department, including the department computer network; computerized routing and the integrated GPS system; fleet maintenance and fueling systems; as well as the suite of in-house integrated software applications used for payroll, for ordering and assigning field trips, for tracking all training, for communication with drivers, for interfacing student and route information, and for general record keeping.
• Oversees employee supervision by working with the supervisors and other key staff to select/hire, insure training, motivate, evaluate, and discipline department employees, as necessary.
• Administers investigations and resolutions for routine and non-routine complaints about transportation services and employee conduct.
• Creates and implements transportation procedures and guidelines. Recommends changes to applicable Administrative Rule and Board Policy.
• Supervises the design and implementation of departmental safety improvement programs for both employees and students.
• Directs on-going monitoring and analyses of the pupil transportation system to ensure compliance with federal and state school bus regulations with consideration of legal and practical requirements/accommodations for both Regular Ed and Special Ed students, and to ensure that accidents are minimized, efficiencies are maximized, and routes and schedules are developed to ensure that the level of service provided be safe, efficient and timely.
• Develops and implements plans for vehicle maintenance and replacement. Prepares vehicle specifications for purchase and assists in the purchase of vehicles, equipment, parts and supplies.
• As soon as practicable, responds to and confers with community, school, parents, and other departments regarding requests for information or problems concerning pupil transportation or discipline in a positive manner.
• Serves as liaison with various public agencies involved in traffic and transportation.
• Maintains records of departmental activities and individual vehicle maintenance and operation as required by the State and District.
• During periods of inclement weather, determines (during early morning hours) whether or not buses can safely operate and makes recommendations for appropriate actions and/or adjustments regarding school closures, schedules, and bus routing.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Knowledge of the principles and practices of pupil transportation and fleet maintenance.
• Knowledge of pertinent Federal, State, and local laws, codes, and regulations, including laws regulating pupil transportation, commercial drivers and vehicles, OSHA, and employee management.
• Experience in and knowledge of financial principles and practices with regard to the transportation department operations and fleet fund budgets. Analytical skills necessary to effectively manage the fiscal aspects of the department and its operations.
• Ability to select, train, supervise, coach and evaluate department supervisors and lead staff; set department priorities, delegate to supervisors and lead staff, review and monitor progress towards goals.
• Ability to understand and direct the functions within the Transportation information technology systems.
• Ability to think strategically and develop both short and long term plans to meet objectives.
• Skilled in written and oral communication.
• Ability to communicate effectively with a variety of people at various levels and diverse backgrounds in multiple situations, including public meeting presentations.
• Ability to organize and balance multiple projects and issues simultaneously.
• Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with administrators, staff, contractors, consultants, and other public agencies, and the general public.
• Strong interpersonal skills.
• Ability to lead diversity and equity efforts in transportation in alignment with district and board goals.

Minimum Qualifications:
1. Minimum four (4) years’ experience in the pupil transportation industry, which includes positions of progressively increasing responsibility, or a combination of experience in a similar industry coupled with experience in pupil transportation. Bachelor degree in business administration or similarly applicable discipline is highly desirable.
2. Demonstrated abilities to manage the fiscal and operational aspects of a large student transportation/motor pool department with emphasis in forecasting and planning and proven experience in working with people.
3. Demonstrated ability to successfully supervise a large workforce engaged in transportation, driver training, dispatching, and scheduling equipment and employees.
(Note: Applicants may be considered who have comparable, but not identical, professional experience in public transportation or closely related field. To be considered, candidates must be able to demonstrate how their experience is equivalent to the stated minimum qualifications.)

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