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7th/8th Grade Science Teacher

Kids Unlimited Academy

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Job Summary

Kids Unlimited Academy is dedicated to creating an educational environment that builds bridges between our children and the future. The vision of KUA is to be a "beacon of hope" that creates future leaders. The adults who work for KUA know that whatever the job title, our sole purpose is to support the education of our children in a safe, nurturing high expectations and no excuses environment.

The 7th/8th grade Science Teacher will incorporate both Next Generation Science Standards and Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum into the science program.

KUA is implementing a Year Round School model this year. Classes begin August 4th, 2021.

Job Description

The KUA 7th/8th grade Science Teacher is expected to engage their students in hands-on activities, projects and problems that are reflective of real-world challenges. This real-world approach empowers students to learn essential, in-demand skills while providing an invaluable connection between what students are learning in the classroom today and how it applies to the paths they take in the future.
The KUA 7th/8th grade Science Teacher will have a working knowledge of Next Generation Science Standards and use the "backward by design" approach to designing a year long course of study that incorporates both PLTW and NGSS.
The KUA 7th/8th grade Science Teacher will teach 2 periods (each) of 6th/7th/8th grade science.
The KUA PLTW Teacher should be open to the possibility of teaching a PLTW elective for those students who display a strong PLTW aptitude.
As the Science and Art classrooms share the same modern building, it is the dream of KUA that the successful candidate has a growth mindset and a passion for engaging the PLTW learning experiences of students.
The KUA 7th/8th grade Science Teacher will have use of a new classroom full of up-to date science curriculum and materials.
All 6th - 8th grade students are enrolled in an Advisory to begin their day. All KUA teachers serve as Advisors. This teacher will work to build relationships with students and support their socio-emotional and academic needs.
All class sizes are capped at 28 students.

Bilingual Educators preferred;
Valid Oregon Teaching License or an action plan to gain a valid Oregon Teaching License prior to August 4th, 2021;
A commitment to working with under-resourced youth;
A commitment to applying best practices in culturally responsive teaching;
The desire to work with parents to increase science education in the home & the understanding of cultural difference of the families we serve;
Experience collaborating with staff to vertically align science instruction K-8th & teaching STEM/STEAM in a school setting;
Experience utilize effective language acquisition strategies in the classroom to meet the needs of English Language Learners;
An unwavering commitment to and belief in the idea that with the right support and best teaching practices, all students can achieve at the highest levels, regardless of their circumstances or environment;
The ability to focus and thrive in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment;
The ability to work effectively in a team environment and the willingness and desire to support others in doing their best work; and
A commitment to attaining both personal and collective goals to ensure the success of all students.
KUA Environment

Kids Unlimited Academy provides an extended day, extended year program, bringing students approximately 30% more instructional time than other local district schools - including a year round instructional calendar.
Kids Unlimited Academy is dedicated to impacting the racial/ethnic and underserved youth by utilizing strategies to ensure each learner and communities' individual and cultural needs are met.
Kids Unlimited Academy utilizes the Common Core State Standards for core subjects and the NGSS for science.
Engage New York is the academic math cornerstone of Kids Unlimited Academy. Every day students receive 90 minutes of instruction in literacy and a minimum of 60 minutes of math instruction. Additionally, we have an amazing Title 1 intervention program that is utilized school-wide.
Teachers have common planning time each week to collaborate with their grade partner teacher to analyze data and strategize to increase successful student outcomes; and
Kids Unlimited Academy curriculum also includes two hours of enrichment programming which includes science, PE, music and art.
Kids Unlimited Academy received a grant to implement Project Lead the Way, an innovative science curriculum with a strong focus in the STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics) field, which will lay the foundation for success in the 21st century workplace.
All class sizes in middle school are capped at 28 students.
Expectations of all KUA Teachers

Know what they want their students to learn, each day, each week, each month and each year.
Know how each student will learn what they need to learn.
Have a plan in place if less than 75% of their students have not learned what they wanted them to learn.
Willingness to modify and enhance strategies to ensure each learner's individual and cultural needs are met.
Be driven by a relentless desire to produce quantifiable results;
Be concerned with impacting the lives of students and changing the trajectory for students who otherwise may not have the opportunity to succeed;
Have a proven ability to provide rigorous instruction and maximize the learning potential of every child, regardless of ability level;
Develop detailed lesson plans, homework assignments, and assessments based on the school's goals and adopted standards;
Measure and analyze student achievement and collaborate with other teachers and faculty to develop effective strategies to move kids forward a minimum of one level toward proficiency or advanced standing per year on statewide assessments;
Participate in school-wide family and community engagement activities, phone calls to family members, and school-based meetings/conferences with families; and be willing to volunteer at one evening/weekend fundraising event per year.
Be ready for challenging professional development and open to learning and implementing school-wide approaches to attaining high achievement
Compensation, Benefits & Rewards

Competitive salary, health insurance, life insurance, short term disability, long term disability, paid time off, and a retirement plan.
Professional development each summer;
Daily collaboration with colleagues who are all 100% dedicated to the success of every child; and
Opportunity to make a profound impact in the lives of children, and be a part of an exciting change in the educational landscape of Southern Oregon.
Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $46,248.00 - $62,153.00 DOE