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AVID District Director K–12

Greater Albany Public Schools

Roles and Responsibilities –Progressive Support Model

The K-12 AVID Director is a Teacher On Special Assignment (TOSA) position. This position works with all secondary schools on implementing AVID. This employee reports to the Director of Secondary Education.

Partnership/Communication with AVID Center:

Accompanies AVID Center staff on AVID coaching days
Coordinates communication with AVID Center staff regarding:contracts for consultant services, technical assistance, AVID certification and AVID Summer Institute (SI)
Communicates information about AVID activities
Participates in regional AVID meetings/professional learning, regional DD chats, or recorded WebExes
Networks via phone/email, WebExes, and regional DD meetings ? Contributes to AVID publications
Monitors completion of Launches and Boosts for all site participants who attend SI

Professional Learning:

Coordinates workshops for district and school staff
Coordinates training for AVID tutors ? Coordinates district-wide Site Team activities for AVID Site Teams
Supports sites to determine who should attend SI or Path based on history, data, and site/district goals
Facilitates Site Team Meetings at AVID Summer Institute
Coordinates district AVID Path trainings

Coaching and Goal Support to Sites (Site Visitations):

Uses the Coaching and Certification Instrument (CCI) to help schools ensure fidelity to the AVID systems and grow AVID Schoolwide
Observes and coaches AVID Instructional Leadership/Administration team at each site on a consistent basis
Observes and coaches AVID Coordinator and teachers at each site on a consistent basis
Meets with the AVID Site Team at each site to facilitate progress towards goals identified in the Site Plan
Meets with the principal at each site to promote administrative support for implementing and sustaining AVID
Coordinates feeder pattern meetings

Data Collection and Research:

Oversees the implementation and certification processes using the CCI
Coordinates the collection of data/evidence and uses AVID resources to monitor progress across grade levels and feeder patterns aligned with the AVID Elementary and/or Secondary Essentials
Coordinates the collection of Senior Data accounts and submission
Approves and submits all site data to AVID Center
Uses resources available to monitor progress and sustainability of AVID

Building a Structure of Support:

Coordinates the development and formation of an AVID District Team, composed of top-level administration and key instructional leaders from each level of the AVID College Readiness System
Supports AVID site events, end-of-year recognition events, and transitional events
Facilitates districtwide AVID events (e.g., AVID student writing contest, AVID student conference, AVID family conference)


Provides AVID information sessions and AVID Elementary Family Nights
Coordinates AVID publicity in the community

Partnerships with Postsecondary Institutions:

Works with college/university staff to coordinate:
Student outreach o Tutor employment
AVID summer bridge programs
Support for AVID students enrolling in postsecondary institutions
Facilitate contact for campus visits where sites might not have connections