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Director of Teaching & Learning: Elementary Education

Bethel School District, Eugene

Bethel School District in Eugene, OR is actively seeking qualified candidates to fill a 1.0 FTE Director of Teaching and Learning: Elementary Education position. This district leader will provide innovative and dynamic leadership in instruction, curriculum, and assessment with a focus on accelerating learning for all students. The position will have an emphasis on supporting elementary programs and schools, but the Director will also organize and lead several preK-12 initiatives. These efforts will result in accelerated achievement for all students, regardless of their race, home language, gender identity/sexual orientation, socioeconomic situation, or identified disability.

Nature of Work
The Director of Teaching and Learning: Elementary Education works collaboratively with teachers and building administrators to plan, organize, facilitate, and provide leadership and support services to elementary schools and programs. This position is responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the District’s elementary education program including, but not limited to curriculum, instruction, assessment, staffing, and ongoing training. The Director leads development and implementation of effective strategies that build early literacy and accelerate reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills for our youngest students.

This position provides leadership for elementary school teams by regularly reviewing and analyzing student data to develop multi-tiered systems of support that include integrated academic and social emotional supports. The goal of the school teams is to provide the right supports or extensions for the right student at the right time.

The Director collaborates with the district leadership team and building administrators to help craft and implement a vibrant vision for teaching and learning across the district. This vision will ensure that all students graduate from high school prepared to continue their education or successfully enter the workforce.

About Bethel
With approximately 5,500 students in 11 schools, Bethel School District is committed to excellence in every aspect of its operation. Bethel School District is located in northwest Eugene in Oregon’s picturesque Willamette Valley. Approximately two hours south of Portland, Eugene is home to the University of Oregon and enjoys a mild climate, wonderful recreation opportunities, and a friendly atmosphere.

The Bethel community is centered around its schools and has demonstrated a high degree of trust in the school district. A $99.3 million bond measure was approved in November 2020 with a 66% Yes vote. Bethel School District employees are proud of being part of what is affectionately known as the Bethel Family.

Bethel believes in supporting the whole child and offers
• Counseling, Music, and PE Specialists in every school
• Free breakfast for all students, K – 12, and free meals for 7 schools
• Robust Career and Technical Education and college courses
• Farm-to-school experiences for students through the Bethel Farm
• Trauma-informed and Restorative Practices implemented K -12
• Sources of Strength supported throughout the District

Bethel Schools are committed to creating safe, caring, mutually respectful environments where all students are honored and valued for their diverse cultural backgrounds, and strengths and abilities in every instructional practice and school activity to support academic achievement and student success.

Position Responsibilities and Examples of Job Duties
• Collaborates with the Superintendent and other District Administrators, Building Administrators, the Board of Directors, teachers and support staff to ensure the achievement of high standards and accountability in the implementation of District goals and programs.

• Works to build and sustain an inclusive and equitable working and learning environments for all students, staff, and parents. Uses an equity lens when making decisions that asks groups to consider the impact of decisions on underrepresented students and families, actively identify barriers to access and success, and considers input from impacted stakeholders.

• Contributes to the core mission of an aligned K-12 system to support student learning including organizing and leading professional development with administrators, teachers, and support staff.

• Participates in and assists with providing direction to and guiding needs assessment, planning, budgeting, monitoring, and evaluation processes for programs to ensure that instructional programs are consistent with State/Federal requirements and District goals; assists with coordinating the implementation of approved programs. Develops and provides recommendations regarding major curriculum revisions, restructuring efforts, and continued school improvement; oversees curriculum reviews.

• Ensures the effective evaluation and systematic review of instructional and operational programs by overseeing monitoring of student data, research and evaluation activities for the District. Researches specific questions and situations relating to curriculum and instruction. Develops and evaluates reporting systems to parents/guardians.

• Oversees and provides guidance to Building Administrators in the planning, organization, and management of the District’s day-to-day school and special program operations to ensure accomplishment of the District’s instructional goals and priorities. Ensures that curriculum and instruction activities for the District are consistent in scope, content and of high quality and implemented with fidelity.

• Provides specialized managerial support and assists the Superintendent in planning for and managing District responsibilities, goals and objectives. Reviews options and analyzes issues based on conformance with District goals and policies; identifies potential issues; offers effective and alternative solutions to resolve issues. Participates in the development of goals and priorities in instructional and operational programs.

• Ensures equal educational opportunity for all students by overseeing compliance with the provisions of Federal and State regulations, as well as through the design of regular and special population instructional programming.

• Develops, manages, and coordinates all aspects of Federal entitlement programs and budgets.

• Serves as representative and liaison regarding the District’s instructional programs, goals, and related issues. Contributes to the positive image of the District’s administration by working with community groups, disseminating information about existing and proposed programs, and obtaining feedback on instructional programs; establishes effective linkages with the community. Meets with parents, civic, and community groups to explain and interpret matters that relate to the educational programs and operations of the District.

• Plans, directs, monitors and oversees the development of the District’s work to improve school performance and student achievement. Develops and recommends short-and long-term goals, objectives and financial strategies; establishes priorities and assigns work activities, projects and programs. Monitors workflow, reviews and evaluates work projects and products; modifies project approaches as necessary. Ensures that necessary planning and evaluation are provided to meet priorities, and sound policies, regulations, procedures and responsibilities are established and followed.

• Keeps proactively involved in educational developments and issues and networks with other educators. Researches and evaluates new programs and developments in a variety of educational situations. Ensures continuous improvement in instructional effectiveness by directing focused District-wide staff development programs.

• Attends and participates in staff and planning meetings; effectively presents reports, findings, and information to the Superintendent, Administration, the Board of Directors, and a variety of public groups.

• Coordinates all aspects of State and District assessments.

• Supervises, coaches and provides direction to building level administrators, District TOSAs and support staff.

• Oversees textbook adoption processes in any given year.

• Leads and supports effective integration of technology to support teaching and learning.

• Supervises, leads, and supports District media programs and services.

• Oversees the development, preparation and submission of reports required by law or requested by Federal, State, and local government.

Essential Qualifications—Skills and Knowledge

• Ability to effectively develop and facilitate Professional Development experiences for a variety of audiences.
• Motivation to research, evaluate, and report new developments and trends in instructional strategies, student achievement and staff development.
• Committed to closing the access and outcome gaps for students, regardless of their race, home language, gender identity/sexual orientation, socioeconomic situation, or identified disability.
• Knowledge of effective supervision, training, and performance evaluations as well as the ability to effectively support, mentor and coach building administrators and staff.
• Evidence of continuing personal and professional growth activities.
• Ability to write and secure grants and seek alternative funding.
• Ability to problem-solve student, parental, staff and/or community concerns.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to effectively utilize a variety of technological tools and software programs.
• Strong knowledge of math or literacy research and effective instructional practices that support District K-12 student achievement goals.
• Ability to lead and support federal and state programs, including, but not limited to Title Programs, Safe Routes to School, Indian Education, McKinney-Vento, and Outdoor School.

General Performance Requirements
• Perform duties in a courteous, efficient and culturally sensitive manner that builds confidence of staff, students, and the public.
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with school personnel, parents/guardians, students, and the public;
• Works collaboratively as a team member with District and building administrators, school personnel, agency partners and community organizations.
• Maintain regular attendance at work and work activities and is punctual in meeting deadlines, attending meetings, and following schedules.
• Carry out work responsibilities with strong organizational skills effectively under pressure of deadlines, difficult situations, interruptions, and new or emergent conditions.
• Respect and maintain confidential information and the privacy of students, staff, and families.
• Develop job skills necessary to meet changes and demands of the position and profession.
• Maintain a strong equity stance in practices and approaches to student achievement, curriculum, policy, instruction and programs.

The requirements and qualifications listed above are representative of the knowledge, skill and abilities required for successful job performance. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each duty satisfactorily.

• Applicants must be eligible for or hold a valid and appropriate Oregon Administrative License.
• Prior building principal experience strongly preferred.
• Bilingual or multilingual candidates and candidates experienced in working in richly diverse school communities and environments will receive preferential consideration.

Applicants must submit the following with their application:
• Cover letter
• Current résumé
• Responses to supplemental questions
• 3 letters of reference, including from current and previous evaluators

To apply, please follow the link to TalentEd Recruit and Hire:

For information regarding this position, please email Remie Calalang, Human Resources Director, at

Start date: July 26, 2021 or sooner

Calendar: 260 days/year (12 months)

Salary and Benefits
Generous benefits package (paid leave, retirement, District PERS contributions, health insurance)
Paid Leave (Vacation, Personal, Emergency and Sick)

Additional information can be found at