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Counselor, K-8 (Beaverton, OR)

Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School


Arco Iris Spanish Immersion School is a Charter School in the Beaverton School District. Our school is a strong and vibrant community of students, families, faculty, staff, who collaboratively create an exceptional educational experience for every student. Our school is a place of great teaching and joyful learning; a community that joins together to raise up our children to be responsible, bilingual, and multicultural citizens.

General Job Description

Under minimal supervision, maintains and improves the overall social-emotional health of the school community. Works with individual students and their families in times of emotional need, and also assumes a leadership role relating to developing and implementing programs designed to sustain a healthy emotional climate in the school community.

Specific Responsibilities:

Accurately and actively assesses the emotional climate within the school community on a continuous basis, proactively works to monitor and improve that climate, and responds to any acute or chronic issues as they become apparent

Proactively identifies students in emotional need and provides support by intervention, ongoing individual or small group counseling, crisis counseling, and referral when appropriate

In collaboration with the student services teams, is active in the development, coordination, and delivery of effective educational programs for students, faculty, staff, and families relating to issues of adolescent development, and emotional and behavioral health; examples might include developing a peer counseling program, designing a program for students and families relating to transition from Elementary to Middle School, and working closely with parents, so that the practices and messaging at school are reinforced at home

Increases counselor visibility, familiarity, and trust with students; gets to know the students and their families; becomes a presence in the school community

Is an active and engaged member of the Data Team, and attends student review meetings to provide a psycho-educational perspective which can further the refinement of a student’s program

Develops and maintains a network of community mental health professionals appropriate for referrals, consultation or crisis counseling

Provides a supportive presence for students, faculty and staff, and parents in conversations or situations where it might prove beneficial

In conjunction with the students services team, develops methods to assess the social-emotional health of the school and leads this endeavor

Maintains a web presence for the counseling office and implements an appropriate communication plan with all constituents

Establishes and cultivates community relations by maintaining open dialogue with all of the school’s constituencies

Actively participates in the full life of the school, including managing school’s 504 plans

Vigorously engages in his/her own professional development; is a life-long learner who enhances his/her skills, using state-of-the-art technologies to maintain high standards of performance to efficiently and effectively produce work products

Is familiar with and complies with all policies and regulations as put forth in the school’s documents and state and federal guidelines for counseling professionals

Since safety and security are everyone’s responsibility, takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, faculty, staff, equipment, materials and facilities

Performs other duties as assigned

Required Education & Experience:

Master’s degree in school counseling required

2 years’ successful experience working with adolescents ages 6-13 and their families preferred

2 years’ experience in an educational setting preferred

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Demonstrated leadership capability
Extensive knowledge of adolescent development
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Strong attention to detail
Ability to work and communicate well with all levels of faculty and staff
Ability to work and communicate well with elementary and middle school students and their parents
Ability to maintain confidential information
Flexibility, maturity and a sense of humor
Proficient at working in a Microsoft Windows environment (Windows 7 or higher), using Office (version 2010 or higher), including Outlook; ability to master common automated systems for record keeping, and confidently learn new technology
Ability to talk on the phone
Bilingual preferred, not required (Spanish)