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Counselor-Middle School

Mt. Angel Middle School


Plans, promotes, and delivers a comprehensive, developmental program of guidance and counseling to assist students in the areas of academic achievement, college and career decision making, social- emotional growth and community contribution. Acts as a consultant, in this regard to school staff, parents and community members.


Essential duties of this position include the following. Employees in this position must be able to perform with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. Employees in this position perform some or all of the following tasks. Other duties may be assigned.

Annually designs a comprehensive school counseling curriculum plan utilizing the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) national student standards and Oregon Comprehensive Counseling Framework.
Promotes a whole-school approach for the school counseling program that aligns with ASCA vision, mission, and philosophy ensuring that all students’ academic, college and career, and social-emotional development and community involvement needs are met in a systematic manner.
Annually conducts a school counseling program assessment, sets SMART goals & action plans based on data.

Management System
Facilitates a Counseling and Guidance Advisory Council at assigned school to guide program improvement.
Coordinates the comprehensive school counseling program in collaboration with administration and other school staff.
Participates in the design and implementation of school counseling curriculum and Closing the Gap Action Plans.
Manages time to align with the ASCA Model’s distribution of time assuring implementation of all delivery systems; conducts use of time assessments.
Manages available resources and seeks new resources to support the school counseling program
Maintains comprehensive records of the school counseling program including collecting and careful analysis of data.
Create, use and maintain weekly & annual calendars to identify and communicate school counseling priorities.

Delivery System
Promotes and delivers the guidance curriculum systemically in collaboration with school staff and community resources.
Provides individual counseling in academic, college and career, social-emotional development and community contribution.
Collaborates with other school staff in planning and facilitating a systemic approach to pre-K through post-secondary transitions from grade-to-grade and school to school.
Provides guidance and consultation to students, parents, and staff regarding diploma options.
Provides goal-oriented individual and group counseling to target populations.
Develops appropriate interventions for students and monitors progress.
Collaborates with other school and district staff to ensure an effective school crisis and/or emergency plan is in place (see crisis plan document)
Provides intervention/supports in crisis situations and collaborates with others when appropriate to address student needs.
Develops and implements a referral process to specialists and outside agencies.
Serves as a member of student threat assessment, sexual incident response committee, and suicide screening teams.
Serves as school Student Services Team Coordinator.
Serves on the school 504 Team Coordinator.
Participates as a team member on Youth Services Team and IEP meetings, as needed.
Serves as the school TAG Coordinator.
Facilitate or organize informational sessions about student developmental issues for families to address the needs of the school community and to reflect the school counseling core curriculum
Organize and/or lead professional development through staff presentations, learning team facilitation and dissemination of resources that address the academic, behavior or social emotional needs of students

Collects, analyzes and shares data to educate others about how students, staff, and parents benefit from the school counseling program.
Collects and uses perception data to identify and meet student needs.
Collects, analyzes, and uses data to plan, implement, and evaluate individual school counseling action plans.
Conducts a yearly program audit (ASCA) of the comprehensive counseling program and works to implement missing program components.
Uses data to guide decision-making to improve program delivery.
Annually completes school data profile to measure and track overall school functioning and progress.
Conducts self-assessments of the school counseling program, including analysis of small groups, curriculum and other relevant gap data.
Analyzes data and shares results with leadership and/or relevant school team members; makes recommendations based on data.

Leadership, advocacy, collaboration and systemic change
Demonstrates an understanding of laws and policies related to student rights and counselor responsibilities (e.g., for educational equity, appropriate education for students with disabilities, confidentiality, privacy, appropriate treatment of students, reporting in situations related to possible child abuse.)
Seeks appropriate opportunities to model effective practices for colleagues, to lead professional learning activities, and to serve in other leadership roles.
Works with the school leadership team to ensure local policies do no harm to students. Also works to identify barriers to student success and to design systemic efforts to improve school success for each student.

Professional Learning and Ethical Practice
Engages in meaningful and appropriate professional development opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in order to promote student success, equity, and access by staying up-to-date in counseling theories and instructional practices.
Participates in regular building district counseling department meetings to design and plan the comprehensive school counseling program. Stay abreast of school specific needs, programs, and resources.
Reflects on his/her personal biases and accesses resources to deepen his/her own understanding of cultural, ethnic, gender, and learning differences to build stronger relationships and create more relevant learning experiences.
Demonstrates knowledge of legal and ethical rights and responsibilities.
Demonstrate knowledge of and adheres to school, district, and state policies.

Additional Level Responsibilities:

Middle / Secondary (6-12):
Provides programs, information, and guidance to assist all students in selecting postsecondary options aligned with each student’s skills and interests.
Provides a systematic approach to individual planning from middle school through high school.
Supports and consults in school-wide effort to assists students in developing personalized education and career plans.
Informs students/parents about pertinent test results and their implications for course selections and post-secondary options.
Facilitates a collaborative effort to ensure students have access to support programs such as; Financial Aid Night/FAFSA, College Fair, Scholarships, Leadership, etc.
Assists students from middle school through high school with course selection, and alternative educational options.
Promotes a systemic approach to career development and planning including student development of an online career portfolio.
Abides by federal and state laws and school district policies, procedures and rules.
Professionally represents the school and the District in interactions with community and staff.
Maintains appropriate certifications and training hours as required.
Complies with applicable District, state, local and federal laws, rules and regulations.
Attends work regularly and is punctual.
Perform such other duties (which may require knowledge of other job descriptions) as may be assigned.
Counselor-Middle School
Mt. Angel Middle School

2021-2022 school year

1.0 FTE

POSTING DATE: 8/3/2021

PAY RANGE: $40,606 - $76,808

Benefits include: District-paid premium for medical and dental HSA-compliant plans. District contributes $2000 to HSA annually for full-time employees.


START DATE: 8/27/2021


Applicants who have advanced training in trauma and/or behavioral and mental health support;
Applicants who have demonstrated ability to address whole person academically, in behavioral and mental health, and social supports.
Applicants who have worked with a comprehensive school support team including student support advocates, social workers and mental health therapists.
Bilingual preferred


To apply, complete an application at

Only complete applications will be considered. A complete application must include the following:

Letter of interest
Three current letters of recommendation
Counseling license or School Psychologist license (copy)
College transcripts

DEADLINE: Position open until filled. Applications will be screened as they are received and interviews will begin when the District believes it has received sufficient qualified applications.


Jill Holland, Administrative Assistant
PO Box 1129 Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362
Phone: 503.845.2345 Fax: 503.845.2789