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Counselor/Behavior Support

Malheur ESD

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General Description of the Position’s Function and Purpose:
Through leadership, advocacy, and collaboration, the Malheur ESD Counselor will provide preventative and proactive student assessment, counseling, and behavior consultation in partnership with staff, families, and local agencies.

2. Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
100 % of time
Implement responsive services through the effective use of individual and small group counseling, consultation, and referrals. Consult with staff in managing behaviors of targeted students in order to provide optimum learning conditions in the classroom.
Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments as needed/requested. Evaluate student needs, design interventions, monitor and evaluate the progress of individual students and complete required reports.
Participate in IEP meetings to assist in identifying individual student needs particularly related to behavior. Assist teams in developing and implementing counseling or behavioral goals for the IEP. Provide counseling and consultation as a related service on the IEP.
Actively participate in the County crisis response and behavioral safety assessment team
Collaborate with families, staff, and community agencies to promote treatment integrity and successful outcomes at home and in school. Refer families to agencies and coordinated care as necessary. Participate in school and parent meetings as appropriate or as directed.
Promote physical, mental, and emotional health and safety for students, within a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) with an emphasis on protected classes, historically, traditionally, and currently underserved students.
Provide technical assistance to school personnel and families on topics related to mental and behavioral health, such as suicide and bullying prevention.
Deliver social-emotional learning and/or prevention activities to students through structured classroom lessons, small groups, and clubs.
Participate in relevant professional development activities and maintain current certification in ASIST, First aid, Restraint, Functional Behavioral Assessment.
Provide school counseling-related services such as Section 504 case management, closing the achievement gap plans, and career and academic counseling as appropriate.
Complete and maintain all required paperwork associated with assignments. Accurately transfer, record, and convey information and materials as required.
Other duties as assigned

4. Knowledge/Skills required by the Job:
Active involvement in a school community as a school counselor implementing the Oregon Counseling Standards and ASCA National Model. Demonstrated excellent and effective communication skills. Ability to read, understand and carry out oral and/or written instructions. Effective instructional techniques, motivation and reinforcement, classroom behavior management techniques, and strategies. Ability to interpret and comply with laws, rules, and policies. Ability to train teachers to utilize behavior intervention strategies in the regular classroom, resource room, or self-contained classroom settings. Demonstrated working knowledge of special education policies and procedures. Ability to write behavioral IEP goals and behavior plans using behavior development theories, strategies, and systems.

5. Responsibility:
Written Guidelines: Follows ESD policies and guidelines as well as state and federal rules, regulations, and statutes and behaves in accordance with educational facility guidelines.

6. Difficulty:
Complexity: Ranges from minimal to complex.

7. Personal Relations:
Personal Contacts: School and ESD employees, students, parents, various city, state, and federal educational agencies.

8. Environment:
Physical Requirements: Lifting 50 pounds occasionally, 25 pounds frequently, with frequent sitting and occasional standing/walking. Able to stand for up to 90 consecutive minutes and move rapidly to intervene in situations when a student’s safety may be in jeopardy. The supervision may also occur during times of inclement weather.

Work Environment: Office and School environments in Malheur County. Travel between educational facilities in a personal vehicle may be required. Exposure to body fluids and other infectious materials is possible. Exposure to verbally and/or physically aggressive students is possible. Works with students individually and in groups, including students who may have learning differences and/or behavioral health challenges.

9. Title of the person to whom this Position Reports:
1. ESD Student Wellness Coordinator 2. ESD Special Education Director

10. Qualifications – Minimum Required:
Education: Master’s Degree in the mental health field with the ability to gain school counseling credentials
Experience: Experience in counseling and prevention efforts.
Other: Valid Oregon Personnel License with appropriate endorsement according to the designated assignment. A valid Oregon Driver’s license. Fingerprint clearance.

11. Desirable additional Qualifications:
Must work well under pressure, meeting multiple and sometimes conflicting deadlines. Shall at all times demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues, stakeholders, and supervisors. Must be a team player. School Counseling experience. LPC or LSW preferred.