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ELD Teacher/Instructional Coach-Temporary

Mt. Angel School District


To work closely with the school and district staff, data teams and building and district leadership to develop, implement and sustain K-12 English Language Development.


Essential duties of this position include the following. Employees in this position must be able to perform with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation. Employees in this position perform some or all of the following tasks. Other duties may be assigned.

Ability to explain theories of first and second language learning and their implications for classroom instruction
Develops appropriate lesson plans and instructional techniques in the English language
Supports and contributes to the implementation of the school improvement program.
Participates as a member of the school data/PLC teams.
Identifies, gathers, interprets and disseminates school-wide data relevant to student learning.
Fosters and encourages team building among the staff and community.
Helps implement shared decision-making at the school.
Disseminates information on effective research about instruction, curriculum, and assessment practices which lead to student success.
Demonstrates effective communication and problem solving skills.
Facilitates articulation with all levels K-12.
Supports the coordination of assessment administration as directed.
Assists in the development and implementation of intervention programs
Satisfactorily performs teaching responsibilities and continually evaluates and reappraises professional performance using District guidelines. Assumes the responsibility for seeking help and advice and takes full responsibility for demonstrating professional growth and needed improvement.
Ability to maintain strength of knowledge and practice in instructional skills and strategies
Ability to demonstrate knowledge of subject matter, to seek professional growth, improve classroom instruction, and to qualify for license renewal by following both state and district regulations
Ability to demonstrate standards of moral character and behavior to serve as an effective role model for students.
Ability to work harmoniously with others and to communicate effectively (both orally and in writing) with students, parents, staff and community.
Ability to maintain confidentiality when dealing with student, staff and/or parent information.
Ability to communicate with individuals of varied cultural and educational backgrounds.
Ability to work effectively in an environment which can be both physically and emotionally fatiguing; perform physically demanding requirements of the job.
Provide coaching through observation and feedback, setting goals, reflection activities, one-to-one interaction, and emotional support.
Maintain confidentiality and professionalism in the teacher/coach relationship when working with administrators and others in the profession.
Demonstrate the use of effective instructional strategies through guiding, modeling, and co-teaching.
Provide support for lesson planning, including instructional strategies, the effective use of standards, and the backward planning process.
Consult with the classroom teacher on the appropriate use of assessments and analyzing student learning data.
Link the classroom teacher to resources and services.
Build capacity for teacher leadership through modeling professionalism, collegiality with peers, effective communication and conflict management, and continuing professional growth.
Participate in regular consultations with other district and instructional mentors to share ideas and strategies based on research and best practice that support teachers in their work.
Provide professional development to teachers in large and small group settings.
Models professionalism (i.e., collegiality with peers, continuing professional growth).
Develops and implements workshops, courses, and training opportunities to meet the identified needs of effective intervention strategies and systems.
Identifies and implements classroom improvement programs designed to improve teaching practices to bring about desired student outcomes.
Provides support for effective instructional practices, the use of appropriate curriculum and student assessment procedures.
Models effective teaching, management and communication practices.
Evaluates and monitors trainings and activities for improvement, as assigned.
Provides ongoing classroom assistance through peer oriented observation and feedback.
Assists in preparation of lessons; interpreting and using curriculum materials and guides; organizing classroom procedures and rules; and reviewing school and district policies and procedures.
Plans and implements a program of study following state and district goals/curriculum that meets the individual needs and development of all students.
Guides the learning process toward the achievement of curriculum goals; establishes clear objectives for all instructional units, projects and lessons to communicate these goals and objectives to students.
Diagnoses the needs and abilities of assigned students and prescribes appropriate learning activities for each student.
Evaluates student growth periodically and develops instructional plans for the future.
Establishes and maintains open lines of communication with academic and behavioral progress of all assigned students.
Maintains accurate, complete and confidential records as required by law, District policy and administrative regulations.
Maintains a professional relationship with colleagues.
Cooperates with other members of the staff in planning District curriculum and instructional methods, goals and objectives.
Takes reasonable precautions to provide for health and safety of the students and to protect equipment, materials and facilities.
Satisfactorily performs teaching responsibilities and continually evaluates and reappraises professional performance using District guidelines. Assumes the responsibility for seeking help and advice and takes full responsibility for demonstrating professional growth and needed improvement.
Serves as a role model to students in the areas of appearance, actions, behaviors and interpersonal interactions with peers.
Provides academic modifications for special needs students as needed.
Attends meetings and serves on committees as directed.
Maintain a high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students, parents and staff.
Act as a friendly ambassador of the Mt. Angel School District.
Abides by federal and state laws and school district policies, procedures and rules.
Professionally represents the school and the District in interactions with community and staff.
Maintains appropriate certifications and training hours as required.
Complies with applicable District, state, local and federal laws, rules and regulations.
Attends work regularly and is punctual.
Perform such other duties (which may require knowledge of other job descriptions) as may be assigned.
ELD Teacher/Instructional Coach-Temporary

Grades K-12


SALARY RANGE: $40,606 - $76,808

Benefits include: District-paid premium for medical and dental HSA-compliant plans. District contributes $2000 to HSA annually for full-time employees.


POSTING DATE: August 31, 2021



Valid Oregon Teaching License required
ESOL endorsement required
Proficient Spanish speakers receive additional salary differential of 2%


To apply, please submit an online application via the Talented Ed/SchoolSpring website at A link can be found on our website:

A complete application must also contain the following:

Letter of interest
Three current letters of recommendation
Teaching License (copy)
Official College transcripts
Only complete applications will be considered.


Position open until filled. Applications will be screened as they are received and interviews will begin when the District believes it has received sufficient qualified applications.

CONTACT: Jill Holland, Administrative Assistant

PO Box 1129 Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362

Phone: 503.845.2345 Fax: 503.845.2789