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Executive Director

Riverbend Community School

POSITION TITLE: Executive Director/Principal
REPORTS TO: Board of Directors
SALARY: $85,000 Position is exempt according to wage and hour laws.
DOE BENEFITS: All full-time employees at RCS are enrolled in a generous retirement package through the Oregon Public Employee Retirement System. RCS also offers health, dental, and vision insurance.
POSITION OVERVIEW The Executive Director is charged with upholding and leading RCS, aligned with its mission and vision, promoting the maximum educational development of each student.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Management and Organizational Leadership:
• Oversee all administrative aspects of school operations including general management and supervision of all teaching staff, educational assistants, and administrative staff
• Manage relationship with NWCSD 21 through ongoing communication and ensuring compliance with required reporting schedule and other requirements
• Oversee implementation of policies and procedures related to admissions, waitlists, handbooks, general communication, and student records
• Ensure a safe school environment and adherence to all local, state, and federal and 501(c)3 status laws and guidelines.
• Manage the process of charter review and revision
• Comply with state regulations and licensing requirements
• Creates and sustains a culture of project-based learning aligned to RCS mission and core values.
• Works collaboratively with the RCS School Board, principal, staff, students, and school community to set the strategic direction of the organization and make progress towards the strategic goals.
• Works collaboratively with community groups, private and public agencies, parents, and the general public.
• Ensure that policies and procedures are in place for the smooth and efficient operation of the school.
• Attends the RCS Board of Directors Meetings, and other meetings as necessary in carrying out job responsibilities.
• Collaborate with the Board of Directors to identify and create policies as needed. Make policy recommendations based on current best practices with consideration of all stakeholders’ interests
• Ensure channels of communication between faculty and the Board of Directors
• Make budget and resource recommendations in accordance with the school’s strategic plan to achieve the school’s stated student outcomes

Engagement & Communications
• Develops and implements clear systems for two-way communication with
constituents, and is responsive to community input.
• Develops and maintains positive, respectful relations with parents, and other
• Communicates the mission and vision of the school with the school community.
• Uses technology and multiple forms of media to communicate with all stakeholders.
• Represent RCS in community and professional meetings, and to state and federal
agencies to create a positive public image that maintains an open flow of
communication and promotes retention and new enrollment
• Act as liaison for staff, faculty, student, and parent conflict; facilitate communication and collaboration in accordance with school and Board policies
• Facilitate meetings with existing families per Communication Policy, Grievance Policy, and discipline and guidance policies

Instructional Leadership
• Sets clear instructional vision and goals in alignment with RCS’s educational philosophy.
• Analyzes student achievement data and works with staff to make instructional adjustments to increase student success.
• Evaluates the effectiveness of school programs.
• Understanding of Equity in an educational setting, actively drives best practices for promoting equity for all students.
• Works with RCS staff to ensure student enrollment goals are met and accurately reported.

Human Resources
• Coordinate and implement of all aspects of employment, evaluation, management, retention, and dismissal of personnel
• Oversee protocols and processes for benefits and compensation, recruiting, hiring, retention, and dismissal of all personnel
• Oversee all HR and personnel aspects including professional development and employee relations
• Oversee orientation and training for volunteers, substitutes, intern, and employees
• Oversee volunteers, substitutes, and interns
• Conduct performance evaluations and improvement plans of all staff according to established policy

- Other duties may be assigned by the RCS board.
- Performance is evaluated by the RCS board.

• Valid Administrative Certificate from the Oregon Teachers Standards & Practices Commission (TSPC).
• Minimum 5 years in education field with leadership role(s) and/or positions.

• Master or Doctorate degree in School Administration or Educational Leadership from an accredited college or university.
• 5 years classroom teaching experience and/or leading a school, with preferred experience in one or more of the following areas: constructivist curriculum, project-based learning, experiential education, STEM/STEAM
curriculum and instruction, CTE curriculum and instruction.
• Demonstrated experience in culturally diverse settings.
• Bilingual/biliterate in Spanish and English
• Training and experience in trauma-informed educational practices
• Experience leading a nonprofit organization.