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Superintendent of Schools, Beaverton School District

Closing date: 
Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Beaverton School District invites outstanding candidates for the position of Superintendent of Schools, effective July 1, 2022.

In the Beaverton School District, we are committed to removing systemic barriers to resources, access, and opportunity for all our students and for all our staff. As an employer, we want every individual who comes to work for us to bring their whole self, and to thrive. We believe that each unique person who comes to work at BSD makes us a better organization. We value a diverse workforce and recognize that our success is dependent upon creating an organization of equity and inclusion that is welcoming to all.

Thus, we encourage candidates with diverse lived experiences, and experience working with a broad range of individuals and communities, to apply. Our growing diversity increasingly makes us better, stronger, more reflective, and more able to meet our highest aspirations: to educate exceedingly well and nurture exceedingly well every child who comes to school in the Beaverton School District.

Please view our application website at

Please address confidential inquires to Hank Harris, Human Capital Enterprises.

Beaverton School District is an equal opportunity employer.