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Grant School District 3
Closing date: 
Tuesday, January 18, 2022


The Grant School District seeks an exceptional educational leader who is a(n)

• Innovative and Enthusiastic Champion of the District’s students, staff, schools, and community, and who:
o Creatively develops, sustains, and expands instructional, CTE, co-and extra-curricular programs to attract, retain, and engage students and prepare them for future success.
o Inspires staff to come together- and stay together- by developing a compelling vision and culture for excellence.
o Prioritizes staff and student morale.
o Hires, develops, retains, and rewards the highest quality staff to serve the district’s students.
o Demonstrates accountability, integrity, and follow-through – and holds self and others to the highest standards.

• Approachable, Strategic, and Connected Leader who:
o Is visible, accessible, and deeply engaged.
o Demonstrates sound professional judgment and financial acumen.
o Develops a vision for facilities improvement and who brings experience in seeking and leveraging outside funding sources.
o Develops collaborative partnerships with neighboring districts and communities.

• Trustworthy and Direct Communicator who:
o Prioritizes meaningful engagement and communication with parents, students, community members, and organizations.
o Listens to understand and communicates openly and transparently.
o Clearly communicates “the why” to diverse stakeholders.
o Ensures consistency and fairness in the application of district policy, advancement, discipline, and the use of district resources.

• Is Committed to Grant School District for the Long Haul and who:
o Has "Staying Power” and is genuinely committed to long-term service to the district and the community rather than using the position a steppingstone or a glide path to retirement.

Please use the below link to apply.

For confidential inquiries, please contact Krista Parent (, Kathleen Rodden-Nord (, or Hank Harris (