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Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultant - #1637

Southern Oregon Education Service District

Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultant

The Autism Program at Southern Oregon Education Service District (SOESD) brings consultation, coaching, ASD assessments, and technical assistance to educators, professionals and families, who support students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from birth-to-21. We work in partnership with school districts, early intervention/early childhood special education agencies, local health care and community agencies. Our team of 1 licensed ASD Specialist, 2 BCBAs, 6 ASD Consultants, and 1 ASD Assistants train, coach and support educational staff in districts, as well as parents and childcare providers, with an emphasis upon building capacity. The services we provide include:
• Offer technical assistance and a broad array of professional development opportunities to school districts, early intervention providers, parents, community and other parent partner organizations
• Provide training and coaching to para educators, teachers, specialists, parents and other educational staff at the request of school districts
• Select and implement Evidence-Based Practices, based upon individualized student assessments
• Assist with Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans 
• Teach the expanded core curriculum (ECC) including social skills, functional communication, organization, self-advocacy, adaptive/life skills, etc. 
• Assist in developing Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP), including goal planning, accommodations and modifications to ensure access to instruction 
• Conduct school-age ASD assessments
• Conduct birth to age-5 ASD assessments in a collaborative Educational-Medical evaluation model in partnership with a local developmental pediatrician and the Jackson County EI/ECSE program (Speech and Language Pathologist
• Build partnerships through the Oregon Department of Education’s Regional Inclusive Services Program, state-level Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings and local community and social service events 
• Host a library of books, curricula, assessment tools and instructional materials available for check-out by districts.
Our services are constantly evolving based upon the latest research and the changing needs of children, families, classrooms and schools.

Southern Oregon ESD is located in the Rogue Valley, the cultural and economic heart of southern Oregon, home to legendary snow-skiing, white-water rafting, kayaking, hiking, fishing, as well as numerous cultural venues and events such as art galleries, the Britt Music Festivals, the Ashland Independent Film Festival, and the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival. For more information on living in Medford, please go to: employer. SOESD provides a competitive salary and benefit package.

Note: OAR 333-019-1030 Proof of COVID full vaccination status or approved OHA excemption is require for this position.

POSITION GOAL:              Provide technical assistance in the area of autism spectrum disorders to local districts, Early Intervention providers, and other related agencies.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                      
1.         Act as regional autism services referral point for assigned geographical area.
2.         Participate in multidisciplinary team assessment.
            A.        Conduct parent interview and student observations, screening, and
                       assessment as appropriate.
          B.        Assist in location and use of appropriate assessment instruments.
            C.        Assist district with sharing of assessment results with parents.
            D.        Pursue other assessments at request of districts.
3.         Participate in IFSP/ IEP implementation:
            A.        Assist in location and use of appropriate assessment instruments
            B.        Conduct assessments as appropriate.
            C.        Participate in development of goals and objective.
            D.        Assist in placement decisions.
            E.        Provide evaluation and monitoring as appropriate.
            F.         Assist in program development and implementation to ensure generalization of skills across people, places, events, and time.
           G.        Assist in program development and implementation that provides for transition across programs and service providers.
4.         Act as liaison between school staff, family (care providers), community, and other service agencies.
5.         Assist in development and implementation of programs designed to modify the student’s behavior and improve student communication and language ability and improve student performance in regular programs with
           curriculum modification.
6.         Assist in identification of in-service needs for school personnel, family, and community.
7.         Provide in-service training to school personnel, family, and community.
8.         Assist and participate in review and monitoring of services.
9.         Assist and participate in training to increase knowledge and improve ability to fulfill responsibilities of teacher of students with autism.
10.       Perform physical requirements unaided or with the assistance of reasonable accommodation.

1.         TSPC licensure or ODE authorization.
2.         Must meet professional competencies required by the Oregon Department of Education.
3.         Successful experience providing comprehensive evaluations and data based interventions to students with autism spectrum disorders.

SOESD Benefits: (For .50 FTE and Over)
Southern Oregon ESD contributes payments for health, dental and vision insurance premiums for qualified employees. Employer-paid PERS, 9 paid holidays, a generous sick, vacation and discretionary (personal) leave packet is also provided to qualified employees.
Health Insurance:
Includes medical, dental, vision & prescription insurance
Monthly premium deducted pre-tax
Southern Oregon ESD contributes up to $1960.00 per month (family coverage)
Health Savings Accounts for high deductible plans
Flexible Spending Accounts – medical, day-care expenses Optional Coverage for Additional Life, AD&D, Short Term Disability Insurance through Aflac or American Fidelity403(b) through Carruth Compliance Consulting
American Fidelity
Mercy Flights Membership
PERS - Public Employee Retirement System
Southern Oregon ESD pays the 6% employee contribution on behalf of each employee
The Southern Oregon Education Service District is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. Women, minorities and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

LENGTH OF POSITION:            50-1.0 FTE /190 Day Calendar Year
SALARY:                                     Per 2021-2022 licensed collective bargaining agreement $51,521.00 - $84,460.00 salary range
SUPERVISOR:                           Program Administrator

The following physical requirements are essential functions of the job description:

Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultant                              
 1.            Stand/Walk:                                    None               1-4 Hrs/Day       X4-6 Hrs/Day       6-8 Hrs/Day
 2.            Sit:                                                  None               1-4 Hrs/Day       X4-6 Hrs/Day       6-8 Hrs/Day
 3.            Drive:                                             None             X1-4 Hrs/Day         4-6 Hrs/Day        6-8 Hrs/Day
 4.            Bending:                                        Frequently        Occasionally      XLimited              Not At All
 5.            Squat:                                           Frequently        Occasionally       XLimited              Not At All
 6.            Climb Stairs:                                Frequently        Occasionally       XLimited               Not At All
 7.            Single Grasping:                          Frequently        Occasionally       XLimited               Not At All
 8.            Pushing:                                       Frequently        Occasionally       XLimited              Not At All
 9.            Pulling:                                         Frequently        Occasionally        XLimited              Not At All
 10.          Fine Manipulation:                        Frequently        Occasionally         XLimited              Not At All
 11.          Repetitive Foot Controls               Frequently        Occasionally         XLimited              Not At All
 12.          Lifting (less than 25 lbs):              Frequently        Occasionally         XLimited              Not At All
 13.          Lifting (25 - 50 lbs):                      Frequently        Occasionally          Limited              XNot At All
 14.          Lifting (50 - 75 lbs):                      Frequently        Occasionally          Limited              XNot At All
 15.          Lifting (75 - 100 lbs):                    Frequently        Occasionally         Limited              XNot At All