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Southern Oregon Education Service District

The Southern Oregon Education Service District (SOESD) Audiology Program is hiring an Educational Audiologist who will be a vital member of the educational team and is uniquely qualified to ensure auditory access to the learning environment for children and students ages birth to 21.  The SOESD Educational Audiologist offers testing and recommendations where there is a suspected hearing loss for young children and students in the nine component school districts in Jackson County in beautiful Southern Oregon. In the five county area, the Educational Audiologist works collaboratively with IFSP/IEP teams to determine what audiological equipment, amplification devices, and assistive technology best support each child specific to their individual learning environment. The Educational Audiologist supports the educational team in the installation and adjustment of equipment as needed to support students' accessibility. An Educational Audiologist who can demonstrate communicative competence in sign language is preferred.

Southern Oregon ESD is located in the Rogue Valley, the cultural and economic heart of Southern Oregon, home to legendary snow skiing, white-water rafting, kayaking, hiking, fishing as well as numerous cultural venues and events such as art galleries, the Britt Music Festival, the Ashland Independent Film Festival and the renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

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Educational Audiologist

POSITION GOAL: Provide audiological services to all children with a possible hearing loss.

Note: OAR 333-019-1030 Proof of COVID full vaccination status or approved OHA exception is required for this position.

Conduct audiological evaluations for children ages birth – 21 referred for suspected hearing loss.
Present test results and information to parents and/or child tested, teachers, and other professionals including at IFSP/IEP meetings.
Prepare a written report directed to referral source and others outlining type and degree of hearing loss.
Assist with the selection and fitting of amplification devices and other assistive technology to provide access in the educational setting.
Supervise hearing screenings contracted to local districts.
Manage, troubleshoot, and maintain audiological equipment, amplification devices, and assistive devices to comply with standards.
Offer professional development to staff.
Make independent decisions within established policies and procedures.
Prepare accountability records regarding services provided.
Communicate clearly and appropriately.
Participate in professional growth activities.
Establish and maintain cooperative work relationships with SOESD employees, local education agency representatives and others contacted during the course of the workday.
Follow established SOESD policies and procedures.
Perform physical requirement unaided or with assistance of reasonable accommodations (see below).
Perform other job related duties as assigned by supervisor.

Master’s degree in Audiology.
Oregon Board of Examiners for Speech-Language and Audiology license.
Any equivalent combination of experience, certification and training/education, deemed by the district, which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform the essential functions of this job may be used as an alternative to this prerequisite.

SALARY: Per licensed collective bargaining agreement.  $51,521.00 to $84,460.00
SUPERVISOR: Program Administrator

SOESD Benefits (For .50 FTE and Over):  

Southern Oregon ESD contributes up to 2003.00 per month (family coverage) for health, dental and vision insurance premiums for qualified employees.   
Employer-paid PERS (Public Employmee Retirement System), including additional 6% individual investment account with PERS.
9 paid holidays 
A generous sick, vacation and discretionary (personal) leave packet is also provided to qualified employees.  
Health Insurance:  

Includes medical, dental, vision & prescription insurance  
Monthly premium deducted pre-tax  

Health Savings Accounts  
Flexible Spending Accounts – medical, day-care expenses 
Optional Coverage for Additional Life, AD&D, Short Term Disability Insurance through Aflac or American Fidelity 
403(b) through Carruth Compliance Consulting  
Mercy Flights Membership  

Physical Requirements:
The following physical requirements are essential functions of this position:

1. Stand/Walk:  4-6 Hrs/Day
2. Sit: 4-6 Hrs/Day
3. Drive: 1-4 Hrs/Day
4. Bending:  Limited
5. Squat:  Frequently
6. Climb Stairs:  Occasionally
7. Single Grasping:  Frequently
8. Pushing:  Limited
9. Pulling:  Limited
10. Fine Manipulation:  Frequently
11. Repetitive Foot Control:  Not at all
12. Lifting (less than 25 lbs.):  Occasionally
13. Lifing (25-50 lbs.):  Occasionally
14. Lifitng (50-75 lbs.):  Not at all
15. Lifting (75-100 lbs.):  Not at all
16. Shift position quickly:  Frequently
17. Strength/Endurance:  Occasionally 

Note: This is not necessarily an exhaustive or all-inclusive list of responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, efforts, functions or working conditions associated with the job.  This job description is not a contract of employment or a promise or guarantee of any specific terms or conditions of employment.  The school district may add to, modify or delete any aspect of this job (or the position itself) at any time as it deems advisable. 
SOESD is an equal opportunity employer that complies with applicable employment discrimination laws, including ORS Ch. 659, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.