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Physical Therapist

Brookings Harbor School District

Brookings Harbor School District 17C
Physical Therapist 
2022-2023 School Year

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NATURE OF WORK: Under the general supervision of the Director of Special Programs, the school physical therapist, as a member of the educational team, supports the education of students suspected of and/or diagnosed with disability in their least restrictive environment. The school physical therapist develops, implements and coordinates a physical therapy program within the local educational agency (LEA); providing screening, evaluation and intervention services. Skilled provision of physical therapy prevents injury (acute or chronic) of both students and educational staff. Working with students with disabilities and serious health impairments, the physical therapist is expected to analyze risk, problem solve effectively and demonstrate a high level of professional judgment when recommending and providing services, making environmental modifications and training staff to manage physical needs at an appropriate level of supervision. Direct supervision may be exercised over support personnel and must be provided to physical therapy assistants at least every 30 days. Consultation with educational and community personnel is also an essential component of the physical therapist’s roles/responsibilities. The physical therapist, though working as a team member serving students, is autonomous in applying principles of physical therapy and responsible for working within Oregon statutes, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other legal mandates.

Adhere to professional, ethical and legal standards of practice.
Provide direct supervision of physical therapy assistants
Develop, implement and coordinate the physical therapy program within the LEA, including philosophy, vision, departmental procedures and goals.
Evaluate students using appropriate tests, skilled professional observation and supplementary information from other agencies and records.
Interpret assessment findings and appropriately convey information to parents and school teams.
Participate with the school team to develop Individualized Education Programs and Section 504 Plans.
Develop and implement intervention strategies.
Develop physical management plan for daily classroom routines and train staff in its safe implementation.
Plan for transition from school to community, preparing student to function independent from therapy service when targeted outcomes are achieved.
Evaluate and report on student progress.
Communicate and consult with school staff, parents, administrators, physicians, community and other professionals.
Serve as resource to parent, school team, staff and administration on disabling conditions and their effects on education.
Collaborate with community based therapists and other healthcare providers for effective coordination of service.
Assess need and recommend assistive technology necessary for function at school.
Contribute to planning safe transportation of students with disability.
Provide consultation regarding emergency evacuation of students with disability.
Participate with improving school accessibility and planning environmental modification.
Maintain student service, administrative and other departmental records as well as school district, State and Federal policies.
Participate in budget planning and policy development.
Document need and advocate for personnel and equipment.
Procure, maintain and inventory equipment, materials and supplies.
Seek regular opportunities for professional growth.
Provide clinical educational opportunities for students of physical therapy.

Knowledge of physical therapy principles, theory, methods and evidence based practice.
Knowledge of effective practice, clinical decision making, and outcomes based intervention and their proper application in the educational environment.
Knowledge of areas of practice specific to pediatrics, including child development and specific diagnoses.
Knowledge of administrative management practices.
Ability to plan, implement, administer and coordinate a physical therapy program, from eligibility determination to exit, within an LEA.
Ability to select and administer appropriate assessment tools and interpret results of assessment.
Skill in selecting and providing a wide range of intervention strategies and monitoring their effectiveness.
Ability to plan, coordinate and provide training and continuing education both formally and informally to parents, school administration, school staff, community agencies, staff and other medical professionals.
Skill in effective oral and written communication.
Knowledge of current legal mandates, including: Federal and State law, compliance issues, confidentiality requirements, funding procedures and requirements.
Physical ability to execute job responsibilities that may include: transferring and/or lifting students or equipment, managing equipment.

Two years of experience (preferably in pediatric practice).
Participation in recent continuing education programs related to pediatrics or school based physical therapy.

Graduation from an accredited program of physical therapy.
Certification to practice in Oregon as evidenced by current licensure as a physical therapist

WORKING CONDITIONS:  The Physical Therapist works primarily within a school building and also travels frequently to worksites.  The work environment is often controlled and quiet, but the work environment will also frequently include moderate to loud noise. The work environment may include exposure to unpleasant interior temperatures, inclement outdoor weather, dirt, and communicable diseases.   
Work Year:  10 month
Employee Group: BHEA Licensed
FLSA Status: Exempt

The Brookings-Harbor School District recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups. It is the policy of the Brookings-Harbor School District that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, marital status, age, veterans status, genetic information or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment.